Oct. 15, 2019

New suite of recognition cards and eNotes now available

Get some background on two of the seven inspired card photos and get primed to send and receive print and digital versions of this meaningful recognition tool
Photo by Elizabeth Henderson Elizabeth Henderson

The Show Us Your Campus edition of recognition print cards and eNotes are a new and beautiful way to say “Thanks,” “Great work,” “Congrats,” or “We did it!” The seven cards celebrate the winning photos from the Show Us Your Campus contest, which garnered more than 100 submissions last spring. 

Elizabeth Henderson, contest winner and associate director of community engagement in the Haskayne School of Business, was so inspired by the contest and her campus that she uploaded multiple photos to be considered.

“I thought it was a really cool idea that people of the university community were asked to engage like that recognition is all about engagement, so it really made sense to me,” says Henderson.

The new Show Us Your Campus recognition cards

Chalk it up to creativity

The contest was judged by multiple groups and committees, and a consistent crowd favourite throughout was Henderson’s capture of a chalkboard located in the department of Geo Science, where her husband is a professor and research scientist. 

Henderson says the chalkboard, which is covered in drawings, symbols, graphs and words — some clear, some just traces after being wiped away — is a medium of creativity for the people who use it. The equation in the top right corner of the board reads S=cd2 and it stands for science equals creativity times desire squared.

“I see that and I think, ‘creativity and the desire to find the truth is something that they truly strive for — Wow!’” says Henderson.

A second photo by Henderson was voted into the top seven — a crystal ball inverting and bringing into focus to the university’s motto: "Mo shuile togam suas" or "I will lift up my eyes."

“I love the way it works in terms of changing perspective and focusing on something very specific,” says Henderson. “Universities can definitely change your perspective.”  

The other photos in the Show Us Your Campus suite of cards are just as inspired and aptly reveal just a few of the countless lenses through which to see the University of Calgary.

Share the spirit of creativity and recognition

More than an amateur photographer, Henderson is also an advocate for recognition at UCalgary. She led a successful U Make a Difference nomination for the Haskayne School of Business Community Engagement team in 2017 and makes time at team meetings to acknowledge the people who deserve a few extra kudos in the form of a print card or eNote.

“I think recognition is so powerful,” says Henderson. “It can make people feel valued and appreciated for their contributions to the culture or the actual work — it helps everyone be more successful and likely a little happier.”

With three suites of recognition cards available, there are now 21 different print cards and eNotes to choose from. Follow the instructions below to order a stockpile of your favourite print cards or send some eNotes right now. 

  1. Go to the Campus Print Shop.  
  2. Returning users, log in — new users, create a new account.   
  3. Select “stationery,” then “greeting cards.”
  4. Select how many packs of 10 you would like of each card type — “QTY 1” equals 10 cards.    
  5. “Buy now” to add cards to your cart.
  6. Go to your cart, select a due date and “proceed to check out.”
  7. Confirm shipping information and “proceed to payment.”
  8. Enter your department ID for tracking purposes only.
  9. “Place your order” and expect delivery in as few as three business days.

Ordering cards from the Campus Print Shop directly to your desk is easy, delivery only takes three days, and cards are centrally funded through the university so there’s no charge to you or your department.

You can also order a sample or small selection of recognition cards by emailing recognition@ucalgary.ca.