Dec. 13, 2023

Practicum event celebrates 4th-year UCQ students’ learning journey

NURS 506 Clinical Exploratory Practicum Mini-Conference showcases results of preceptorship clinical placements
Three people stand in conversation around a table at a conference
Participants at the NURS 506 Clinical Exploratory Practicum Mini-Conference at University of Calgary at Qatar. University of Calgary in Qatar Staff

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) campus recently hosted the NURS 506 Clinical Exploratory Practicum Mini-Conference, an event celebrating the journey of fourth-year nursing students into the dynamic world of health care.

On Dec. 4, UCQ's Multipurpose Hall came alive with presentations and poster displays, showcasing the students' hard work, dedication and invaluable experiences gained during their first preceptorship clinical placement in the Fall 2023 semester.

Led by instructor Kaltum Hassan, the students enrolled in NURS 506 embraced a unique opportunity to choose their specialty areas for clinical placement, shaping their individual paths in nursing. This personalized approach allowed them to explore a range of specialties including ICU, emergency department, paediatrics, cardiology, psychiatry, labour and delivery, and rehabilitation, reflecting their comprehensive understanding of diverse nursing fields.

The conference drew a prestigious audience including peers, faculty and esteemed guests from prominent health-care institutions such as Hamad General Hospital, Sidra Medicine and others. It served as a platform for students to exhibit their growth, proficiency and unwavering passion for nursing, forging connections between future colleagues and emphasizing collaboration between academia and clinical partners.

Amidst the enriching presentations, attendees had valuable opportunities to gather, network and engage in discussions that further enhanced the sense of community and shared dedication to the nursing profession.

A highlight of the event was the presence and support of Prof. Hala Sultan Al Easa, PhD, President and CEO of UCQ. Professor Al Easa's commitment to nursing education added significant encouragement and inspiration to both the students and the wider nursing community, reinforcing the university's dedication to fostering competent and passionate health-care professionals.