April 26, 2024

Now Innovating: The past, present, and future of innovation at UCalgary

A conversation with Dr. Steve Larter, outgoing associate vice-president (research and innovation) and professor in the Faculty of Science


In this episode of Now Innovating, a research-to-impact series at the University of Calgary, we speak with Dr. Stephen Larter, PhD, UCalgary’s outgoing associate vice-president (research and innovation), and a professor in the Faculty of Science's Department of Earth Energy and Environment.

Larter takes us back to 2004, talking about the state of innovation from when he first arrived at the University of Calgary 20 years ago to how the ecosystem has connected and grown. We also discuss what is currently happening in the innovation space, and what he hopes to see within the next five years. We also take the opportunity to get to know him better by playing a game together.

Now Innovating shares the stories of UCalgary researchers who have moved their discoveries forward and their innovation journeys to implementation and creating impact. Episodes are released monthly and are captioned and transcribed on YouTube. Episodes are also available as a podcast on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more. View the series.

Cody Coates, Office of the Vice-President (Research)