March 24, 2023

Master of Biomedical Technology program funnels graduates into the world of startups

Students use their science background alongside newly acquired business skills to explore future career paths
Liam Harrison graduated from the MBT program in 2020
Liam Harrison graduated from the MBT program in 2020. Liam Harrison

A unique program at the University of Calgary offers select students the opportunity to fuse their scientific knowledge and passion for business. 

Accepting less than three dozen students each year, the Master of Biomedical Technology (MBT) program at the Cumming School of Medicine chooses the best of the best and introduces them to this rapidly innovating field. The year-long professional program challenges students to use the innovative nature of biomedical technology to their advantage and encourages them to explore unique career paths. 

MBT graduates such as Liam Harrison, Kathleen McMahon, Chidinma Ayadiuno, Zoe Vogeli, Ayush Gupta and Angelo Nwigwe serve as incredible examples of the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset that is fostered at UCalgary. 

Liam Harrison

Harrison, MBT’20, now works full-time with Innovate Calgary. Having needed to find an internship during COVID, he recognizes that it can be challenging for students to find companies willing to provide hands-on work experiences during the summer term. In his role at Innovate Calgary, Harrison can connect the MBT program and startups in the Calgary ecosystem to foster connections and support students seeking out internships.

“I regularly interact with a bunch of different startups who are often looking for help, and sometimes they have money and sometimes they don't have money, but they're always like, I need more help and students are a good place for that.”

Kathleen McMahon

Kathleen McMahon.

Kathleen McMahon

McMahon, MBT’22, works full-time with Wave View Imaging Inc., a biotechnology company developing timely and pain free breast cancer imaging.  

“I think that the great thing about working for a startup biotech company is that you get your hands on so many different projects and there are so many opportunities to help them out in so many ways. I feel like my input is really valued and they're looking to help me grow as much as I'm hoping to help them grow.” 

Chidinma Ayadiuno

Ayadiuno, BHSc’21, MBT’22, works full-time with Deep Surface AI, which develops 3D facial morphing tools used in planning facial-surgery procedures.

Chidinma Ayudiuno

Chidinma Ayadiuno

Ayadiuno, BHSc’21, MBT’22, works full-time with Deep Surface AI, which develops 3D facial morphing tools used in planning facial surgery procedures.

“It is a well-rounded program. I didn't feel like I was lacking anything in any areas. I came out of the program feeling prepared to pivot to many, many different areas of a company if the opportunity presented itself.”





Zoe Vogeli

Zoe Vogeli.

Zoe Vogeli

Vogeli. MBT’22, also found a full-time position with Deep Surface AI after graduation.

“I think that gives me a bit of a leg up when I'm looking for jobs and thinking about careers, because I have the technical understanding of the science, but I also have some experience related to business.”




Ayush Gupta

Ayush Gupta.

Ayush Gupta

Gupta, BSc’20, MBT’22, meanwhile, works for AgGene, a company seeking solutions to crop-production challenges.

“What the program is all about is giving you a general idea of a lot of different areas so that when you go into your practicum, there's a good chance that some of the skills you've learned, they will apply to that. Every startup is different, every internship is different, every company is different.”

Angelo Nwigwe

More than a decade after Nwigwe, MBT’11, received his degree, he now works with the national non-profit innovation-research organization Mitacs, helping inspire future generations of entrepreneurs and innovators.

“As an MBT alumni and senior adviser of business development with Mitacs, I have seen tremendous value in these type of training opportunities. Through Mitacs, we have had the pleasure of supporting several students to work with innovative companies and tackle their most pressing challenges. Our mission is to build a world-class, diverse community of innovators through our collaborative model, attracting and deploying top talent to industry, and matching need with expertise to create ambitious solutions to real-world challenges.”

Learn more about the Master of Biomedical Technology program.

The deadline for fall 2023 admissions is May 1, 2023.

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