Feb. 24, 2021

Connect with experts on navigating a new era of work

Alumni’s Grow Your Career conference — to be held during lunch hours March 2, 4, 8, and 11 — throws open its doors to everyone

If there’s one career-related silver lining in our current job market, it’s that working remotely has thrust us into the future of work where we can use technology to form smarter, more focused career conversations, as well as become comfortable at virtual networking while pursuing innovative wellness solutions.

Precisely the type of issues and topics that are headlining next month’s forward-looking 2021 Grow Your Career conference, one of UCalgary Alumni’s cornerstone programs.

What has typically been a jam-packed, day-long conference is being replaced this year with four virtual sessions, held conveniently over lunch hours (12-1 p.m. MST on March 2, 4, 8, 11).

Covering relevant topics that range from career storytelling and professional well-being to what’s been dubbed The Power of Connection and The New World of Work, this year’s conference has been designed “to empower transformation in one’s career and life, enabling people at all stages of their careers and life to chart directions for a new future,” explains Carol Wert, associate director of UCalgary’s alumni career development.

This year’s theme — Great Adaptations — will underscore the topics and equip participants with new tools, perspectives and fresh insights in order to see that “our work world or careers are just one part of a meaningful life,” says Wert. “Although recent grads and alumni at any life stage will find these sessions valuable, this year’s lineup, for the first time, will also be available to anyone who would like to join us.”

Here’s a snapshot of the four-part conference

Session: The Three Stories Every Career Needs, March 2 

Why register? Let a career coach, author and expert storyteller guide you through the importance of your storytelling skills. Homing in on three key areas — the story we tell ourselves; the story we tell others; and the story our target sector tells itself — you’ll leave knowing which of your stories to invest in. You’ll also learn how to piece together these critical stories that shape us in order to change negative self-talk and to use the appropriate stories to better support your career goals.

Top career tip: When thinking about adapting your career, it’s important to value the work you’ve already done and adapt your story to boost your career growth. You may find you already have the experiences and skills you need.

Session: Career Wellness, March 4 (noon-1 p.m. MST)

Why register? If you’ve ever struggled to make space for yourself and wondered how to prioritize wellness in your jam-packed life, let this session be your compass. Besides identifying key emotions and how they impact your life and career, this professional panel will teach you new strategies that will allow you to adapt to our changing workplaces and to connect to what’s most vital.

Top career tip: Understanding your emotions and practising self-compassion and self-worth helps mitigate anxiety and procrastination and will lead to learning and growth.

Session: The New World of Work, March 8 (noon-1 p.m. MST)

Why register? Never in our lifetime has the world of work offered as many options as to how, where and why we work. But what, exactly, does this mean for you? Our high-powered panel of experts will share insights into how companies today are functioning in this new era of working remotely, and you’ll leave knowing how best to seize future opportunities.

Top career tip: Start by learning how companies think, then examine the best strategies and tactics to position yourself for the workforce of the future.

Session: The Power of Connection, March 11 (noon-1 p.m. MST)

Why register? We’ve been told that connecting across networks and platforms has never been easier — but is it, really? In today’s world of remote work, how do we build relationships and connect authentically in the absence of in-person coffees and networking events? Hear from our lineup of UCalgary alumni and global influencers about the power of reciprocity, mentorship and networking in a virtual world. Opportunities to network and learn from other participants will be built into this session.  

Top career tip: Networking is about making authentic connections. It’s critical that people get curious and are comfortable in asking open-ended questions.

All of us admit these are trying times and as much as we need to practise social distancing, we need to pull together to create some sense of connectedness — precisely what Great Adaptations is offering you. Remember — physical isolation doesn’t have to mean social isolation. Register now for this year’s Grow Your Career Conference. 

Great Adaptations will be delivered entirely online and at no cost to alumni and friends. It is made possible through the generous and ongoing support of TD Insurance, an affinity partner of the UCalgary Alumni Association.