Nov. 25, 2020

Celebrated playwright joins Royal Society of Canada

Clem Martini talks about how playwrighting can help us examine who we are
Clem Martini
Clem Martini

On Nov 27, the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) will induct their new Fellows for 2020, and four University of Calgary faculty members were among those to receive the prestigious honour. Fellows of the RSC are peer-elected scholars who have made remarkable contributions in the arts, the humanities and the sciences, as well as in Canadian public life.

Among the group is Clem Martini, professor in the School of Creative and Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts.

Over the course of a celebrated career, Martini has moved minds and hearts as a playwright, librettist, novelist and essayist. His innovative, comedic and social justice-oriented body of work has been shaping Canadian theatre for over 30 years. His award-winning and internationally acclaimed works range in form, breaking conventions and displaying unique artistry. His work encourages audiences to broach the most difficult social and environmental problems, and document the need for social justice-oriented creativity in the arts across Canada.

Learn more about Professor Martini on his website. Read and listen to The Things that Worked by Clem Martini.