Eyes High Strategy

Building on our momentum

In 2016-17, the University of Calgary’s original Eyes High strategic direction (published in 2011) was refreshed following five years of underpinning foundational transformation, planning development, priority identification, and resource allocation at the University of Calgary. Now energized with fresh input, it continues to serve as a beacon for change, for elevating excellence and for building a strong community around a shared future state.

Eyes High Strategy poster

Download a printable poster featuring our strategy statement and foundational commitments.

Foundational commitments

We remain dedicated to the three foundational commitments we established in 2011 and have updated them based on feedback from our 2016 consultation process. The most significant lesson we learned was the need to weave a rich and multifaceted student experience across each foundational commitment. Doing so will strengthen the fabric of the University of Calgary. Also key to our success is an inclusive, curiosity-driven and respectful campus culture.


What does student experience mean to us?

It means connecting students with the University of Calgary in ways that enrich their whole lives and foster a sense of community spirit. It means enhancing each student’s learning experience through a combination of outstanding teaching, research and academic support, and facilities. This includes access to extracurricular lifestyle and social activities, leadership and professional development opportunities, exposure to diverse ways of thinking and living, and access to community-based work and volunteer opportunities. It also means students are welcomed into a safe and inclusive environment that allows them to develop the skills, knowledge and personal attributes necessary to become productive citizens and leaders in their chosen fields.

What does campus culture mean to us?

It means collaborating across groups and embracing meaningful two-way communication that is honest and open. It also means overcoming structural, social and cultural barriers to create a safe, inclusive, healthy and respectful environment – one that values diversity and the dignity of every person. It means we work and learn in a sustainable manner, developing new skills, seeking balanced lifestyles, building our careers, taking initiative, and recognizing one another for our accomplishments. We value a culture that encourages us to listen to one another, enriches our understanding of other perspectives and voices, inspires us to engage purposefully, and welcomes open dialogue and debate.