Teaching and Learning

Enrich the quality and breadth of learning

We embrace our unique role in Calgary as a university that offers a broad selection of programs including baccalaureate, graduate, professional, and research-based master’s and doctoral degrees. We also provide a wide assortment of credit and non-credit diplomas and certificates, including professional and executive development, and artistic and scholarly activities. The student experience is enhanced with a range of services including academic and career advising, student-life programming, health and wellness services, and academic success programs. 

By immersing students in an environment rich in curiosity, diverse ideas, and global perspectives, we develop creative, confident citizens who think critically and contribute value to their communities. We will incorporate entrepreneurial thinking into our students’ educational experiences, such that they learn to identify opportunities, collaborate effectively, build partnerships, embrace differences of opinion, and create a prosperous and sustainable future. 

How we will get there

Leadership and innovation

We assign leadership responsibilities in teaching and learning within a system-wide and fully integrated model to ensure that innovative initiatives are effectively implemented, measured and sustained. The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning – a research-informed incubator for innovative instruction and learning design – supports research and technology development. We will continue to build a network of scholarly teachers who actively develop and share expertise.  

Quality of instruction

We support high-quality teaching and learning experiences through a community that is focused, intentional, and reflective. Students and faculty can tailor their learning environments, supported by rich library and cultural resources and advanced educational technologies. Multifaceted assessments of teaching and learning will provide feedback to identify students’ learning needs, ensure consistency of teaching experiences, identify effective instructional approaches, and highlight areas where additional support may be needed.   

Relevant curriculum

Our curriculum reflects Calgary’s enterprising spirit. It instills the importance of applying new-found knowledge to address society’s most persistent and emerging challenges, and teaches students how to explore bold new approaches.  At every opportunity, we show our students how a research-intensive university accelerates their personal growth and career trajectory. We are committed to offering an educational experience that provides both disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs. 

Research and experiential learning

We are advancing engaged scholarship by integrating research and experiential learning opportunities into our academic programs. Students learn within a culture of inquiry to become creators of knowledge. We will increase access to community-service learning, cooperative and internship placements, and international exchanges to complement classroom experiences and develop global citizenship.


What is entrepreneurial thinking?

Entrepreneurial thinking is  being creative in finding innovative solutions. It involves taking initiative, exchanging knowledge across disciplines, being resourceful, and learning from experience. Entrepreneurial thinking is essential to enriching lives and advancing society.