Research and Scholarship

Sharpen focus on research and scholarship

University of Calgary researchers have led important discoveries across strategic research themes aligned with the university’s core strengths and capacity. We continue to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to support internationally recognized research and individual scholarship in emerging areas. In 2016, the University of Calgary was ranked sixth among leading research universities in Canada based on sponsored research funding (Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities, Research Infosource Inc., 2016). The European Centre for Science and Technology (CWTS) Leiden ranked the University of Calgary fifth overall in Canada for its scientific performance in 2016.

We have an ambitious roadmap to achieve our research vision. It matches our strengths with opportunities, increases our research capacity, creates a dynamic environment to promote research excellence, and embraces both curiosity-driven and solution-oriented research. Bolstered by positive feedback from our community about our research priorities and the investments we made in research infrastructure, we will continue our commitment to sharpen our focus on research and scholarship. We will also increase  involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in our research programs. By 2022, we will be recognized as one of Canada’s top five research universities. 

How will we get there?


Society benefits when scholars focus their collective effort in areas of strength. We create synergies that energize our researchers around issues that are globally relevant and of great importance to our stakeholder communities. We demonstrate leadership in areas of strength and monitor all areas of the academy for emerging ideas. We will also refine the ways in which we measure the impact of our work and share our scholarship.

Interdisciplinary partnerships

Our world is fast-paced and complex. Its persistent and emerging problems call for creative solutions that reach across disciplinary boundaries. Through research programs and strategic partnerships, we pursue knowledge, contribute to the development and critique of societal goals, and spark innovation. We cherish and support the multiple perspectives and approaches across fields of study and sectors of society. We will collaborate with one another and colleagues at other universities, as well as with our local, provincial, national and international communities.

Support and recognition

Great people are our most valuable assets. We will continue to attract, encourage and recognize talented students, faculty and post-doctoral scholars who conduct globally recognized research. We will also nurture, develop and celebrate the staff who skillfully and passionately support them. We commit to increasing research capacity and creating a dynamic environment to promote research excellence.

Knowledge translation, implementation and engagement

Our students and faculty conduct basic and applied research at the frontiers of knowledge and transfer this knowledge to society – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We will actively support our research community in releasing new findings, implementing important advancements and presenting thought-provoking creative works. We will share our research, scholarship, innovation, and creative activity broadly – with our student body, potential collaborators, industry and government, non-governmental organizations, other researchers and post-secondary institutions, and the public.