Our Program

Kindergarten Orientation

A kindergarten orientation is offered in September for that school year for parents to meet the Kindergarten Team, view the space, have a review of the kindergarten program and have any questions answered (or by appointment).

Report Cards

The children have two formal reporting periods each school year. Parents have the opportunity to meet with the teacher for Parent-Teacher Interviews and there is one Student-Led Conference during the year. 

Teaching Hours

As per Alberta Education requirements, we must offer a minimum of 475 kindergarten hours each school year. As it is more difficult for small private schools to find substitute teachers when a teacher is away sick, UCCCS purposely overschedules our kindergarten teaching hours to a minimum of 500 hours. Any hours above the minimum of 475 may be re-scheduled as non-instructional days. In these instances, full day child care will be provided and parents will be notified.

Traditional School Calendar

Kindergarten at UCCC is run on the "traditional school calendar" which is September through June. As mentioned above, there is a Winter Break, a Spring Break, summer holidays, kindergarten professional / organizational days and Teacher's Convention. We ensure that a minimum of 475 hours are available for teaching hours as per Alberta Education criteria for kindergarten. 

Extra-Curricular Activities  *please note: Covid-19 could limit and affect activities as per increased Health regulations and pandemic restrictions

We are very fortunate to have many rich resources within our community because we are right on the University of Calgary campus. We intentionally go on numerous field trips and outings, as we believe that this enriches the kindergarten student's learning. Field trips are scheduled based on student's interests and learning needs. These may include venues such as Safety City, Butterfield Acres, the Olympic Oval, the Calgary Fire Hall and various museums, just to name a few. Additional physical activities such as swimming and gymnastics are also offered throughout the school year. We end the kindergarten program in June with an exciting and quite phenomenal virtual Kindergarten graduation ceremony!