A silhouette of two researchers in the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain Research

Getting out of the classroom or lab (not to mention taking a break from Zoom) and into the wild offers an enriching experience for students and faculty alike. After a night’s rest at UCalgary’s Barrier Lake Field Station, Department of Geoscience Ph.D. student Gerardo Zegers and undergraduate student/field assistant David Garcia prepare for a day of hiking, observation and hands-on data collection in Kananaskis.

Photos by Riley Brandt

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Driving to Fortress Mountain
The researchers park at Fortress Mountain
Hiking Fortress Mountain
Hiking Fortress Mountain
Hiking up Fortress Mountain
The researchers stop to deploy senors to log the area's temperature
Radiation map of Fortress Mountain

Mapping Permafrost

Zegers and Garcia deploy tiny digital temperature loggers to study the permafrost on Fortress Mountain. The sensors will record the temperature of the area every 10 minutes for an entire year.

Mapping permafrost
Gerardo Zegers in the lab