The WA Ranches at the University of Calgary.

A Day at the Ranch

While UCalgary staff were busy dealing with another pandemic lockdown in the city, cowboys and researchers continued their work under the sun at the picturesque W.A. Ranches at the University of Calgary.

Photos by Riley Brandt

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Heidi, the head cowboy brings in cattle.
A cowboy rides a horse and leads a herd of cattle.
A herd of calves are lead into a barn.
Research team members examine calves as part of their research.
Veteriniary Medicine students study calves and bulls.

Calf and Bull Research

At W.A. Ranches, cowboys, faculty, and students work together. Using low stress handling methods, calves and bulls are led into chutes where professors and students safely collect the data they need for various research projects.

Dr. Jennifer Pearson examines a bull.
Two bulls start butting heads at the WA Ranches at the University of Calgary.