Terri Cheung

Jan 2016 to Nov 2019

Baseline characterization of groundwater

Co-sup with Beth Parker (University of Guelph)

Sarah Saad

Sept 2015 to Dec 2019

Shale geochemistry

Dylan Riley

Sept 2016 to Dec 2019

Gas migration around energy wells 

Melissa MacDonald

Sept 2018 - Dec 2020



Olukayode Kuloyo

Sept 2014 to Sept 2019

Microbial isotope biogeochemistry

Co-sup with Marc Strous (UofC)

Current Position: Research Associate at Shell, Houston, USA

Benjamin Cowie  

2009/01 - 2013/09

Thesis: Stable Isotope and Geochemical Investigations into the Hydrogeology and Biogeochemistry of Oil Sands Reservoir Systems in Northeastern Alberta, Canada

Current Position: President, Prismatic Geochemical Research, Canada (consulting company)

Bernadette Proemse 

2009/01 – 2012/03

Thesis: Tracing Industrial Emissions in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region Using Stable Isotope Techniques (δ15N-NO3, δ18O-NO3, Δ17O-NO3, δ15N-NH4, δ34SSO4, δ18O-SO4 and δ98/95Mo)

Current Position: Senior Research Associate, University of Tasmania, Australia


Leah Wilson

2017/01 – 2019/05

Thesis: Shallow groundwater quality in Alberta (Canada) with a focus on the occurrence of nitrate and methane

Current position: Water Stewardship Advisor at Encana Corporation, Calgary, Canada

Christine Ciszkowski

2014/09 – 2016/12

Thesis: Application of Geochemical and Isotopic Tracers for Characterization of SAGD Waters and Production Well Scale

Current Position: Researcher at Innotech Alberta, Calgary, Canada

Mary Kruk

2013/09 – 2016/02

Thesis: Tracing Sources of Nitrate in Rivers of Southern Alberta Using Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Boron Isotopes as Co-Tracers

Current Position: Water Quality Data Analyst at Alberta Environment and Parks, Calgary, Canada

Véronique Fau

2012/09 – 2015/04

Thesis: Identifying the Sources and Tracing the Fate of Phosphate in the Bow River Basin, Alberta, Canada, Using Oxygen Isotope Analyses

Current position: Research Assistant, Applied Geochemistry group, University of Calgary

Jennifer Ing

2012/09 – 2015/04

Thesis: Occurrence and Origin of Methane in Shallow Groundwater in Alberta, Canada

Current position: unknown

Christopher Jackson

2011/09 – 2015/09

Thesis: N and S isotope fractionation in nitrate and sulphate coupled to the bio-degradation of benzene and toluene

Current Position: Environmental Scientist, Golder Associates, Toronto, Canada


Bentley Blondal

2017/09 - 2018/05

Concentrations and isotope compositions of nitrate in Pine Creek wastewater effluents and ACWA streams

Current Position: Intern, Project Operations, EPCOR, Calgary

Louise Rush

2016/05 – 2017/05

Identifying gas leakage around abandoned wells at the CMC field research site

Current position: MSc student at Laurentian University, Canada

Lexi Holmes

2014/09 – 2015/05

Using S concentrations and isotope rations to evaluate anthropogenic pollution in Lac Dessert, Quebec, Canada

Current position: unknown

Carmen Gonzalez

2014/05 – 2014/09

Development of presentation material for isotope techniques used in the UofC Isotope Service Laboratory

Current position: Research Assistant at Dalhousie University, Ontario, Canada

Zoë Decker

2014/05 – 2014/09

Compiling and interpreting isotopic records of precipitation in Southern Alberta

Current position: PhD Candidate at University of Cape Town, South Africa