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Return to Campus FAQ Non-Academic Staff

Updated February 23, 2022


The University of Calgary will be returning to in-person teaching and instruction on February 28.  At this time, we will begin a phased return to campus for faculty and staff, with priority return for those involved with in-person elements that support student experience.  

Starting in April, we expect that our faculty and staff will return to campus in some capacity, appropriate for the nature of their work and position. In turn, the university will offer flexibility for hybrid working to employees where possible and appropriate.  

Faculty and staff who would prefer to be in person at their university work location are able to return on a voluntary basis starting March 1. If you would like to voluntarily return prior to April, please connect with your reports-to manager to determine a plan.  

Leaders will plan and organize the return of their teams according to the specific requirements, services and nature of work.  This approach is intended to make the return to campus gradual as we ease into physically returning to the workplace.

We encourage employees to discuss their concerns with their manager.  An open and candid conversation will promote the identification of potential resolutions.  Additional resources are available as outlined below: 

  • Staff Wellness has resources, programs, and services to support and sustain the health and wellbeing of faculty and staff at the University of Calgary. This includes a Mental Health Consultant available 8 am to 4 pm by phone or email on weekdays.
  • Homewood Health provides 24/7 mental health support; reach them by calling 1-800-663-1142
  • Wellness Series offered by the Taylor Institute
  • LinkedIn Learning offers online content to support remote work, hybrid teams, resiliency, wellness and more.

We believe that having our teams back together in-person at times is important to strengthen our work culture, team dynamics and individual working relationships.  With the return to campus, we also recognize many faculty and staff would prefer more flexibility with respect to where they work.  

The University of Calgary is developing a long-term approach to hybrid work.  To ensure a data-informed, measured approach, we will gather input from faculty, staff, leaders and other stakeholders on how to offer this flexibility in a meaningful way, with the pilot program being launched as we return to campus. 

The university will supply appropriate equipment, furniture, and electronic devices for your workspace at your primary university location in accordance with the job duties and demands.

All furniture, equipment, and electronic devices required for a home workspace will be at the discretion and cost of the individual. If you have a laptop, it can be utilized in your home workspace if it is used in accordance with the university information asset management standards, and software acquisition process.

The university recognizes this continues to be an unpredictable time where children may be sent home from school and/or daycare due to illness.  As these situations arise, please work with your manager to determine the best approach to ensure children are cared for and work commitments are met.

It is important to note that this is a transitionary period. Hybrid working arrangements agreed to during this time will not alter the existing terms and conditions of employment, nor are they guaranteed for any length of time.

You can contact UService at 210.9300 or