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Definition of Lectures, Labs and Tutorials

Here are some simple steps to help you successfully register in your courses.

Lectures, Labs and Tutorials

Courses can have a combination of lectures, labs and tutorials as part of their requirements. If a course has a lab/tutorial in addition to the lecture, you're required to register in it. Be sure to add these times to your schedule.

    • Lectures are usually classroom-based instruction.
    • Labs are smaller, more individual course components that supplement your lectures; they're just as important as your lectures. If the course you plan on taking has a lab component, you'll automatically be prompted to register in a lab related to the course.
    • Tutorials supplement your lecture. They provide opportunities for you to ask questions, discuss course/reading material and receive additional assistance. If the course you plan on taking has a tutorial component, you'll be automatically prompted to register in your tutorial.

Make sure both the lecture and the lab/tutorial work in your schedule. If all of the lab or tutorial sections for a certain lecture section are full, the lecture is also full. You can't register in the lecture without being registered in one of the associated labs or tutorials.