Commerce/Computer Science

Bachelor of Commerce


The following recommended program sequence is for students admitted into the Combined BComm/BSc (Computer Science) degree program. The last three fall and last three winter courses listed below need not necessarily be taken in the term arrangement as indicated.

Courses recommeded in your first year

1. Students who delay completing the junior English course beyond first year may have difficulty registering for it in a later year due to registration restrictions.

2. Management Studies 217 and Strategy and Global Management 217 may be completed in either the fall or the winter term of Year 1. It is recommended, but not required, that these courses be taken in separate terms.

3. Students may complete Computer Science 217 and 219 in place of 231 and 233, but it is not recommended for degree progression. Computer Science 231 and 233 are recommended so that students may complete Computer Science 251 in the winter.

Applying for a combined degree after first year

Students admitted to only one of the BComm or BSc (Computer Science) degree programs, with the intent of applying into the combined BComm/BSc (Computer Science) degree program in a later year, are instructed to contact the advisors in each Faculty prior to course registration.

Students who are not admitted into the BComm portion of their intended combined degree in first year and want to apply to Haskayne in the future, would need to complete 18 specific units (6 half-course equivalents) including Economics 201 and 203Statistics 213* and 217* or equivalents, Mathematics 249 or 265, and a 200-level ENGL course by the end of the winter term in the year of application.