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OIA Office located at:

MacKimmie Tower, 619.

2500 University NW

Adnan Ahmed

OIA Director

(403) 220-4016

Adnan is responsible for providing leadership, direction and management of the daily operation to the OIA office. He is also responsible for assisting with the effective administration of the university through technical representation on various groups and committees to ensure informed decision-making at all levels in the organization.


Institutional Analyst

(403) 220-2537


Institutional Analyst primary responsibility is, performing analytics on student surveys and providing insights based on student responses. This position also  involved in preparing and reporting survey data and results summary for Curriculum and Unit Review Processes. 

Ricky Fok

Institutional Analyst

(403) 220-5582

Ricky’s primary responsibility consists of fulfilling requests related to student data. He is responsible for putting together the Fact Book and U15 submissions. Ricky also plays an important role in the Curriculum, Department and Unit Review Processes.

Janice Hillmo

Institutional Analyst

(403) 220-4020

Janice coordinates a few projects within OIA including, Unit Review, Curriculum Review, Department Review, and Institutional Metrics. In addition, Janice is the secondary contact for the U15 Data Exchange.


Jean Gomes

Institutional Analyst

(403) 220-8788

Jean is the Data Governance Administrator for Institutional Data Governance Practice, also responsible for communications and training. Within OIA, Jean’s roles include: training service lead, qualitative data analysis, USRI course evaluation support, and UCalgary Qualtrics survey tool brand administrator support.


Ting Liu

Programmer/ Analyst


Ting provides technical expertise in the development and maintenance of the OIA data mart in the enterprise data warehouse in collaboration with central IT. Ting is responsible for programming and data engineering to ensure institutional data structured in a way that OIA analysts and stakeholders can leverage.


Luc Boyer

Institutional Analyst

(403) 220- 2605

Luc is OIA survey services lead, responsible for survey consultation, survey training, survey analytics, and survey tool management. He is also the primary contact for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Metrics. Luc also provides broad analytical support for Teaching and Learning, and the Senior Leadership Team.


Recas Forbes

Programmer/ Analyst

(403) 220-4019

Recas is the key contact for the U15 TTC, CSRDE, GSFS and Dcar submissions. Other duties includes coordinating the back –end infrastructures and services that provides information for OIA reporting.

Gity Semnani

Office Coordinator

(403) 220-5107

Gity is the OIA office coordinator. This includes administrative oversight, maintenance of the OIA website and SharePoint. Gity also provides communication and coordination within the OIA team members.

Phil Johnston

Special Projects Administrator

(403) 220-4018

Phil primarily coordinates the USRI program through which students give valuable feedback about their courses including teaching. Phil has secondary responsibilities of data analysis and support of the university's Qualtrics survey software.