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The stories and initiatives listed below are direct results from the student feedback collected in past NSSE surveys. Tell us what's important to you, we're listening.

Improved study spaces
Since 2011, the university has invested around $12 million in renovating classroom, labs and other learning spaces. They have also spent more than $2.5 million in creating and upgrading study spaces.

Increased academic support
We've reviewed our academic advising system, added resources and introduced more programs through the Student Success Centre.

UCalgaryStrong celebrates resilience, leadership and well-being
This free end of the year event features activities and spaces where members of the community can connect with one another. The festival, along with other UCalgaryStrong initiatives are generously sponsored by a family from our community.

Orientation week
A tradition now 20 years strong, the university's orientation program continues to grow and change to support new students as they transition to university life.

High-impact feedback strategies can transform students' experience
The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning launches Formative Feedback Initiative for Teaching development. Instructors can use a system to engage student feedback during a course to improve their teaching and enhance student learning.

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

The Taylor Institute will help instructors reimagine what a classroom can look like and helps them build and share their teaching and learning expertise. Learning spaces are designed to promote instructors and students working together to learn from each other.