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NSSE Engagement Indicators

The National Survey of Student Engagement instrument is short, reliable, and easy for students to complete. It asks first-year and senior-year undergraduates about how they spend their time, what they feel they have gained from classes, their assessment of the quality of their interactions with faculty and students, as well as the value of other important educational activities. NSSE organizes results from 47 questions into four Engagement Themes that are benchmarks of effective educational practice, as outlined below:

Academic Challenge – includes the following engagement indicators:

  • Higher-Order Learning
  • Reflective & Integrative Learning
  • Learning Strategies
  • Quantitative Reasoning

Learning with Peers – includes the following engagement indicators:

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Discussions with Diverse Others

Experiences with Faculty – includes the following engagement indicators:

  • Student-Faculty Interaction
  • Effective Teaching Practices

Campus Environment – includes the following engagement indicators:

  • Quality of Interactions
  • Supportive Environment

In addition, High Impact Practices are itemized, including the following experiences:

  • Learning community
  • Service-learning
  • Research with a faculty
  • Internship or field experience
  • Study abroad
  • Culminating senior experience