Feb. 5, 2020

Work experience previews a career path for novice engineering students

New Engineering Career Practicum offers job experience for Schulich 1st- and 2nd-year students and a chance for employers to sample future talent
Schulich students on intern
Schulich students on intern Esther Baculi

Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits and Machines? Check. Multivariable Calculus? No problem.

But ask a novice engineering student to produce a strong cover letter, or explain the advantages of collaborative teamwork in the workplace, and you might get some confused looks.

Work experience for first- and second-year engineering

Enter the Engineering Career Practicum, an experiential learning opportunity designed to give first- and second-year students at the Schulich School of Engineering real-world, hands-on job experience, and a taste of career possibilities to come.

“The Engineering Career Practicum is a brand new opportunity for our students to build their career readiness and relevant work experience early in their degree, through supported work terms,” explains Dr. Bill Rosehart, PhD, dean of the Schulich School of Engineering.

“This offers our students a chance to determine what it takes to succeed, while giving employers an early look at some of the talented engineers who will soon be ready to enter the workforce.”

Paid, project-focused work terms

Starting this spring, students accepted into the Engineering Career Practicum will head out on a paid, project-focused work term designed to give them job experience and an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

In return, companies taking part in the practicum program will employ a student who has completed an application process where drive and enthusiasm are at the forefront, and who exhibits the skills needed for the task at hand.

“These students will be looking to make noticeable contributions to organizations while gaining practical work experience,” says Paul Ziade, associate dean of  student affairs and student professional development.

Program includes career readiness courses

As well as a 10- to 16-week work term, students will be taking part in courses on Career Exploration, Career Readiness and Career Insights, learning vital skills like writing resumes and cover letters, interview skills, and personal branding.

For more information on Schuliuch School of Engineering's new Engineering Career Practicum, visit the official website.

Hands on chance to learn about engineering career

Hands-on chance to learn about an engineering career.

Edward Chen