Sept. 20, 2023

UCalgary’s Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging and The Brenda Strafford Foundation announce new agreement to enhance strategic collaboration

Fostering a shared vision for aging research and advancement

A new memorandum of understanding is the latest milestone in a long-standing relationship between the University of Calgary and the Brenda Strafford Foundation (BSF) that facilitates a greater commitment and a more collaborative working relationship on aging-related research and education.

“This new collaborative relationship between the university and the BSF will support the centre to move forward in our mission to create an ecosystem for innovation in age-inclusive environments, practices, and policies,” says Dr. Jayna Holroyd-Leduc, academic lead of the Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging.

  • Photo above, from left: Carolyne Mondoux (BSF), Tony Weeks (BSF), Jayna Holroyd-Leduc (Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging), and Tom Stelfox (O’Brien Institute for Public Health).

Earlier this year the Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging launched a strategic planning process to co-develop a new five-year plan with the BSF, with input from its stakeholders.

Priority areas for 2023-28 include:

  • Demonstrating leadership in rethinking facility-based continuing care through establishing an experiential ecosystem for innovation
  • Catalyzing transdisciplinary aging research and scholarship with a focus on creating age-inclusive innovations, environments, practices, and policies that also consider intersecting health inequities
  • Enhancing the age-friendliness of the University of Calgary and the City of Calgary, including addressing ageism and promoting age-inclusivity

As part of the new agreement with the BSF, an Aging Research Leadership Council has been established for oversight of the centre’s operations and investments in mutually beneficial aging-related activities on behalf of the university and the foundation. This includes all local and international BSF aging-related research activities.

“BSF is proud of our successful track record of investment in research and innovation to drive knowledge creation and inform best practices in aging care and seniors’ health and wellness,” says Tony Weeks, president and CEO of the BSF.

“This new agreement builds upon the strong and long-standing history between BSF and the University of Calgary, honouring the legacy of our founder, the late Dr. Barrie Strafford, while positioning BSF and the university for future growth, greater strategic collaboration, and greater impact.”

About the Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging

Established in 2011, the Brenda Strafford Centre on Aging serves as a collaborative hub that promotes and supports interdisciplinary aging research and education across faculties and disciplines. Our vision is optimal health and well-being for older adults driven by evidence and in an inclusive manner.

The centre is located within the BSF’s Cambridge Manor facility in the University District. Centre space is shared by the university and BSF staff to collaboratively grow research and innovation capacity in areas of mutual interest.

About the Brenda Strafford Foundation

Established in 1975, the BSF has consistently embraced innovation to emerge as a leading organization dedicated to advancing care, wellness, and social impact. The foundation’s comprehensive range of services spans multiple domains, including Aging Care and Senior Living, Community Supports, International Healthcare, and Research and Innovation.

Julie Arnold, Brenda Strafford Foundation, co-authored this article.

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