July 2, 2020

UCalgary celebrates historic achievement of ambitious Energize campaign

Thank you to our campus community for your commitment and expertise in putting $1.41 billion into action to ignite lasting positive change
Energized by You at the University of Calgary
Energized by You at the University of Calgary

I’m overjoyed and proud to celebrate our university family this week as we announced the achievement of one of UCalgary’s most significant milestones: the close of the ambitious Energize campaign — the third largest successfully completed fundraising campaign in Canadian history.

Because of the extraordinary support of our campus, and our local and global communities of alumni and donors, the campaign’s final tally surpassed its original goal by more than $100 million: a remarkable $1.41 billion has already ignited lasting positive change on our campuses, in this city, and around the world. The completion of a campaign of this magnitude is an absolutely incredible achievement for any university in the world­, and certainly unparalleled by any young Canadian institution.

What started as a bold, aspirational initiative to become “the most entrepreneurial university in the country’s most enterprising city” has exceeded all expectation. We — you — have deepened our connection to community, enabled break-through research and enhanced the student experience. 

As many of you may recall, soon after the Energize campaign was publicly launched in the spring of 2016, this city and province faced tremendous headwinds including a painful economic downturn; unprecedented wildfires; provincial budget constraints; and now, a global pandemic. Despite these challenges, our community rallied around the university and harnessed the power of post-secondary education and research to fuel discovery, creativity, innovation, and economic growth.

Voices of the Energize campaign

While the Energize campaign’s success is proof of the wider community’s belief in what we do, it’s our campus community that brings their vision to life. I am humbled every day by the expertise and ambition of our students, our faculty and our staff. Complemented by philanthropic support, your commitment to excellence is what unleashes student potential; transforms teaching and learning; fuels creativity; inspires advancements in medical research; invites entrepreneurial thinking; forges strong partnerships; and, ultimately, puts Calgary at the global leading edge of higher education and innovation to benefit society. 

Here on campus, the success of Giving Day and our Campus Giving program is evidence of our university family’s devotion to elevating excellence in the very place we work and strive. You have given time and treasure to propel Energize to its spectacular completion and, time and time again, to demonstrate to the wider community that their generosity is recognized and met with gratitude, purpose and positive action.

The completion of Energize is a rare feat of optimism, generosity and resilience. No matter your involvement, as a donor, volunteer or believer in the power of education to change the world, you are at the heart of our success.

I hope you find inspiration, as I do, in sharing our stories of giving, and in celebrating our collective achievements. It’s my great privilege to be part of this community, and I so look forward to our next chapter together.

Thank you. Together we’ve made history. And we’ve only just begun.

With gratitude,

Nuvyn Peters,
Vice-President, Office o
f Advancement

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