Dec. 2, 2020

‘Tis the season for LinkedIn Learning

Join the 12 Days of Learning Challenge Dec. 3 - 18
Heather Barton Browne
Take UCalgary’s LinkedIn Learning 12 Days of Learning Challenge starting Dec. 3. Riley Brandt

With the holidays less than one month away and new COVID-19 restrictions in place, you may be looking to re-energize this month. Why not invest in your development and participate in LinkedIn Learning’s 12 Days of Learning Challenge

“LinkedIn Learning’s 12 Days of Learning Challenge reminds us that this holiday season can be about end-of-year celebrations and spending time with loved ones, but given that we are at home right now due to COVID-19, it can also be about continuous learning,” says Karen Chown, director of talent management and organizational effectiveness. “UCalgary invites you to find some time to invest in your development amid the year-end craze and to enhance your professional skills.” 

How to participate 

LinkedIn Learning’s 12 Days of Learning Challenge kicks off on Dec. 3. All content included in the 12 days comes from LinkedIn Learning’s most popular 2020 courses. Challenge yourself to complete each day’s short learning, which can be completed in less than five minutes. Follow these steps to participate: 

  • Complete each day’s short LiL learning (approximately five minutes or less) 

  • Share your biggest takeaway with on the last day of the challenge (Dec. 18). This step is optional 

Curious what courses you’ll be taking in the challenge? They include: 

  • What is Emotional Intelligence 

  • Use Virtual Meetings Productively 

  • Handling Nervousness 

  • Embrace the Mindset of Strategic Thinking 

  • Understanding We’re All Biased 

  • Craft Affirmations as Commitments 

  • When You’re Caught Off Guard 

  • How to Keep Yourself from Interrupting 

  • LinkedIn Tips for Personal Branding 

  • How Resilient Are You? 

  • The Basics of Good Practice 

Visit the UCalgary HR website for more information on LinkedIn Learning.