Nov. 18, 2021

Meet Kim!

Read about a University of Calgary undergraduate student experience from Kim!
Kim Pasamonte

Kim Pasamonte is a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Calgary. He is currently completing his final year of Accounting and Economics with an embedded certificate in Leadership Studies, and has completed the Haskayne Co-operative Education Program. Keep reading to find out more about his UCalgary experience and how he’s become involved throughout his undergraduate degree!   

“At the start of university, I felt that I have been living my life in a linear direction and felt lost. By 19, I moved out and started living in residence at the University of Calgary (UCalgary). My pursuit for personal development led me to my involvement in programs offered by the Haskayne School of Business (HSB), volunteering within the UCalgary community, and working as a Senior Community Ambassador (CA) as part of the Residence Education Team of UCalgary. I tried finding myself by joining over 20 clubs on campus, volunteering over 1,000 hours within the community, and working various odd jobs to make ends meet, while studying full-time.

HSB offers many opportunities and resources that encouraged me to discover my authentic leadership as an introvert, adopt a growth mindset, and learn the importance of self-care and having fun. I participated in mentorship programs, case competitions, and leadership events offered by the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL), such as the leadership challenge weekend and adventure leadership expedition courses throughout my undergraduate journey. Outside of my program, working as a Senior CA in residence has been one of my greatest University experiences because I get to support and empower residents in their academic journey, organize events that promote well-being, make life-long friends and improve my soft skills. As a Senior CA, I have worked overseeing five different residence buildings, managed a team of over 10 CAs, and organized events for over 2,000 residents

Kim Pasamonte

My involvement within the UCalgary community made me realize that instead of finding ourselves, we build ourselves based on the experience, connections, and knowledge we accumulate in our lives. University can be overwhelming at times, and please know that you are not alone. I am continuously grateful to my family, friends, mentors, UCalgary Residence staff, and my professors and instructors for supporting me become who I am today.