Oct. 21, 2021

Our top five neighbourhoods in Calgary!

Find out where the five best areas are to live in Calgary are, each for different reasons!

Wondering what Calgary’s top neighbourhoods are? Whether you are planning to move to this city for the first time, or are just looking to live in a new area of Calgary, we’ve got you covered!


Starting off the list with Brentwood, this one is a no-brainer! Brentwood is located right next to our main University of Calgary campus and offers everything a student could ever need. This includes a C-Train station, apartment buildings, grocery stores, restaurants and more… all within a super close proximity to campus! Brentwood was also ranked #1 best neighbourhood to live in, according to data from a recent city-wide survey.


Kensington is a common favorite area for many students at UCalgary. With its vintage vibe and charm, you’ll love exploring the shops, restaurants, and cafés it has! There is also lots of wall art, which makes for a great “photo-op”.

Book shop

Book shop in Kensington.


Located just outside of downtown, Inglewood is about as trendy as it gets! Many students enjoy e-scootering around this area and going to all the patios! It’s also right along the Bow River and close to the Calgary Zoo, which allows for lots of fun day activities.

Building in Inglewood



Another neighbourhood that’s directly across from our UCalgary campus is Varsity. Living in Varsity is very convenient as CF Market Mall, one of the main shopping centres in North-West Calgary, is right there! If you enjoy walking to school, Varsity is the place to live.



University of Calgary Residence

Last but not least, we can’t forget about living right in the heart of campus – in residence! Living in residence is an amazing experience that we highly recommend to incoming students. It’s a great way to fully immerse yourself in all that UCalgary has to offer and make lasting memories and life-long friendships. Apply for residence here!


University of Calgary Residence - Rundle Hall

UCalgary campus

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