June 23, 2021

Get Registration Help for First Year Students through NSRA

Your new student registration questions answered by returning NSRA advisor and recent graduate, Rory Phillips

What do I do if I have issues with my registration? Which courses do I need to take in my first year? What is a waitlist, and how do I get onto one? What should I do if one of my courses is full? 

If you’ve been asking yourself the same questions, you are not alone!

It is entirely normal to have some trouble with your course registration in your first year at university ─ the experience is new; there are a lot of different websites to navigate; you might have questions and concerns, but are not sure who to ask about them. This is completely valid for first year students coming to university. It is okay to feel nervous or anxious about your first year and your course registration, especially if you are having some trouble with the process.

The good news is, you don’t have to navigate this on your own! New Student Registration Assistance (NSRA) is a program offered by UCalgary to help first year students with these experiences. For over ten years, NSRA has been offered each summer to help first year students with their unique registration needs. 

Why should I book with NSRA? 

NSRA advisors can help with a range of issues, from registration troubleshooting, choosing courses, using Schedule Builder, and enrolling in courses, to only name a few! If you are having any difficulties with your registration in courses, or are just wanting to have an advisor double-check your schedule, it would be great to book an appointment with NSRA.

What can I expect in an NSRA appointment? 

This year, NSRA appointments are delivered online via Zoom. On Zoom, your NSRA advisor can use the chat feature to send you helpful links or notes, as well as use the “share screen” feature to navigate websites and tools along with you. You can expect a helpful and informative meeting, as well as a recommendation for the next steps you can take to prepare for the coming academic year.

Who are NSRA advisors? 

NSRA advisors are students just like you! NSRA advisors are students in the upper years of their degree program who, as students, have plenty of experience registering in their own courses. On top of that, NSRA advisors have helped countless first year students to do the same.

When should I book an appointment with NSRA? 

It is best to book an appointment sooner rather than later so that you can secure a spot in your courses and have a better idea of any next steps to take. Classes can fill up over the summer, and speaking with NSRA can ensure that you are on the right track for your first year.

How can I book an appointment with NSRA? 

You can book an appointment with NSRA through the NSRA website, where there are more detailed instructions on the exact steps of booking an appointment. We offer 20-minute appointments from 10:00am - 4:00pm from Monday to Friday. 


Remember, starting university is a big transition, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the registration process, especially if there are difficulties. NSRA advisors have had these experiences themselves, and have helped first year students like you with them as well. If you have any questions about how NSRA can help you, please feel free to email firstreg@ucalgary.ca. We look forward to helping you soon!