Aug. 21, 2023

Food Insecurity and Campus Resources

A Guide for UCalgary Students
This image showcases a group of people gathered around a table, happily sharing and enjoying nutritious meals. The focus is on promoting food security and developing a sense of community through healthy eating habits.

As a UCalgary student, staying focused and energized is key to doing well in your studies. Having healthy food options available on campus plays a big role in achieving this. In this blog, I will discuss the issue of food insecurity and share the resources that are available for support. Additionally, I will provide information on convenient locations where you can safely heat up your own meals . Let's dive in!

Understanding Food Insecurity

Food insecurity happens when people do not have enough food to eat or can't get the right kind of food because they don't have much money. Food insecurity can have a big impact on both the body and mind, making it harder to do well in school and stay healthy. To address food insecurity, you can use different resources available on campus, many of which are free or available at a low cost. By accessing healthy food resources, you provide your body and mind with the fuel they need to function optimally, which positively impacts your academic performance and overall health.

Support Resources on Campus                                    

If you're having trouble affording nutritious meals, the University of Calgary has resources to support you. Here are some options:

  1. Food Justice Now: This student-run initiative helps with food insecurity on campus. They organize free meals every month, including gluten-free and vegan options. You can find more information on their Instagram page @food_justice_now.

  2. Student's Union Campus Food Bank: The food bank gives out food hampers to University of Calgary students. You need a valid Campus ID and you have to make an appointment in advance. For more information, you can email or call 403-220-8599.

  3. Student's Greatest Need Fund: You can meet with a Student Support Advisor to talk about your needs and get help. They can give you a one-time payment of up to $500, which you can use for grocery gift cards, hotel vouchers, or Uber/taxi rides. To schedule an appointment, you can visit Student Wellness Services or call 403-210-9355.

  4. Fresh Routes Market: The market offers access to fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables. For more information, you can email

  5. Faith and Spirituality Centre: This center hosts different events every week and month. They have the Taste of Tuesday event where you can enjoy culturally diverse meals together once a month. They also have the DiversiTEA event where you can have tea and culturally diverse snacks. For more information on the events, please visit FSC events.

  6. Community Fridges: These fridges are stocked with fresh fruits, dairy and non-dairy milk, hummus, eggs, and snacks. They also have dried goods like rice, beans, soups, and noodles. You can access the fridges during their open hours and take what you need.

To get detailed information about food security and the assistance available, including the specific locations, dates, and hours, please check out Food Security for Students.

Microwave Locations for Meal Reheating

If you bring your own homemade or store-bought meals, you can conveniently find microwaves at the MacEwan Student Centre and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) building.

It's important to recognize the strong relationship between having enough food to eat and your academic performance. When you are well-nourished, it becomes easier to concentrate on your studies. By staying informed about food insecurity and utilizing the available resources on campus, you can ensure access to healthy meals that will sustain your energy levels, enhance your focus, and positively impact your overall well-being throughout your academic journey. Don't hesitate to take advantage of these resources and prioritize your nutritional needs for a successful educational experience.