March 9, 2018

Engineer Lynne Cowe Falls to deliver 2018 Lecture of a Lifetime

Three reasons you should attend annual Senate-hosted event April 4


University Relations Staff

Don’t miss Lynne Cowe Falls as she offers an entertaining and inspirational perspective at this year’s Lecture of a Lifetime. Discover from her career highlights the unique possibilities that come from lifelong learning.

Don’t miss Lynne Cowe Falls as she offers an inspirational perspective at Lecture of a Lifetime.

Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

Hosted by the University of Calgary Senate, Lecture of a Lifetime showcases the talent and achievements of leading academics and celebrates outstanding service to the university, its students and the greater community.

This year’s lecturer is Dr. Lynne Cowe Falls, an award-winning professor emerita with the Schulich School of Engineering. Students may remember her as “Dr. Lynne” — a less formal moniker she embraced while teaching on campus between 2001-2017

Don’t miss Dr. Lynne as she shares her experiences with lifelong learning and insights into the possibilities it brings.

Here’s why you should attend:

1.  Get inspired — careers are not linear.  She started in political science 

Dr. Lynne didn’t start off wanting to be an engineer, she dreamed of being a Canadian diplomat and started her undergraduate studies in political science — and later pivoted to a geography degree before landing a master's and PhD in civil engineering.

“During my undergraduate degree I had a long talk with a geography professor who convinced me to go into physical geography. Having a powerful mentor can change your life,” she says.

2.  An opportunity to network

Dr. Lynne  recalls T-shirts on campus that read, “Don’t let classes get in the way of your education,” a slogan she fully embraces.

“No one remembers the marks they had in school, but you do remember the clubs you joined, the new things you tried and the people you met,” she says.
Something as simple as organizing a guest speaker gets students involved in networking. “Yes, you have to go to your classes, but get out and do other things as well,” she says.

3.  Learn from an award-winning teacher

Dr. Lynne still remembers the day she got off an airplane in Australia and learned that her students nominated her for an Order of the University of Calgary — an award that goes to those who have a record of exemplary and distinguished service to the university. “I was travelling to Australia to watch our students compete in the Solar Car Race,” she says. “I was all choked up to learn students had taken the time to thank me this way.”

In addition to receiving the university’s highest honour, Dr. Lynne received numerous teaching awards over her career including the“Civil Engineering Professor of the Year award, and the Departmental Teaching Excellence award.

Join us for 2018 Lecture of a Lifetime

Please join the University of Calgary Senate for an evening with Dr. Lynne Cowe Falls at the 2018 Lecture of a Lifetime on April 4. Doors open at 5:45 p.m., lecture begins at 6:30 p.m.