Nov. 8, 2023

Develop new skills this term break at the Student Success Centre

The SSC is running its digital badge programming for students during the upcoming Term Break

As term break for the fall semester approaches, the Student Success Centre wants to remind students of the importance of supporting their personal well-being during this time. Having just completed several weeks of active academics in the first half of the semester, the term break provides an opportunity to pause and reflect. This might translate differently, depending on your individual needs. 

During the fall break, the Student Success Centre will be offering digital badge training opportunities to support students who are interested in developing new skills during the week away from classes. 

These digital badges are a form of micro-credential that can help you keep a record of your competencies and assure peers or potential employers of your proficiency in such skills. 

The following opportunities will be available for students during the break: 

Peer Assisted Writing Mentor Training

This in-person training will hold from 9 a.m- 4.30 p.m (MST) on Thursday, November 16, 2023, at the Taylor Family Digital Library (LCR 440B). 

By participating in this training, you achieve two goals — developing your writing and helping your peers to develop theirs. Students who have not yet completed the Foundational Writing Skills prerequisite will be trained in the morning of the training day. In the afternoon, students will attend 2-3 hours of training comprised of workshops and related activities.  

If you are interested in this opportunity, you can register here

Leading Others in Learning Digital Badge 

Through this one-day training, you can develop your leadership skills while studying. You will learn the benefits of studying with others, and develop the skills required to lead your peers.  

This badge has one online D2L module (instructions will be provided to registrants) and three, 90-minute, in-person workshops; which will all take place on Thursday, November 16, 2023, from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. (MST) in Room 364 of the Student Success Centre, Taylor Family Digital Library.  

You can learn more and register for this badge here


Once you successfully complete any of these badges, you can display your certificates on your UCalgary Badges profile or social media sites such as LinkedIn.  

The Student Success Centre looks forward to collaborating with you to achieve your upskilling goals this term break.