April 26, 2024

2024 Teaching Academy Grants for Educational Leadership Recipients

Six projects by Teaching Academy members received funding this year

Teaching Academy Grants for Educational Leadership fund small educational leadership projects by members of the Teaching Academy that facilitate the enhancement of teaching-related knowledge and skills of the campus community.

Funding for the Teaching Academy Grants for Educational Leadership is provided through the Students’ Union. Its Quality Money Program is an investment in the improvement of our campus community. We would like to thank the Students Union for their $5,000 contribution to Teaching Academy projects.

We would like to congratulate this year’s award recipients whose projects are briefly outlined below. The grant funded a range of different projects in different faculties and departments across campus, and the projects described below showcase the many ways in which funding can be used.

2024 Grant Recipients

Faculty of Arts

Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

Chelsea Rozanski, Ph.D. Candidate and Sessional Instructor, 
Karla Oliveira, Doctoral Student

Chelsea Rozanski and Karla Oliveira will use their grant to facilitate a learning project in their course Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (ANTH203). The class will create an art project to reflect on their learning throughout the term. The funds will be used to purchase fabrics and art supplies for the final project. The portable “Tapestry of Teaching and Learning” will be shared with the campus community during Teaching Days, hosted by the University of Calgary Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning from August 20-22, to make a case for the inclusion of artistic expressions of students’ learning. 

Faculty of Nursing

Tracey L. Clancy, Associate Professor Teaching
Shannon Parker, Associate Professor Teaching

Dr. Clancy and Shannon Parker will use the grant money to develop a podcast series called Courageous Conversations on Teaching and Learning. The podcast series will be part of the Faculty of Nursing Education Program (PEP) Thriving in Academia, a micro-credential program that aims to enhance the faculty’s teaching-related knowledges and skills. The team will also host lunch and learn conversations to discuss the points raised in the podcast in more detail. The team hopes to make the podcasts available to the wider campus community as well. 

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Jean-Yin Tan, Associate Professor (Teaching)
Gordon Atkins, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Tan and Dr. Atkins will use the grant to develop instructional videos to support examiners when facilitating Veterinary Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). Those examiners are not necessarily directly involved in teaching, so the instructional videos seek to prepare examiners to produce valid and reliable assessments of students’ clinical skills. The grant money itself will be used to purchase the necessary video software and recording equipment, to produce the video, and then assess its effectiveness through statistical analysis.

Werklund School of Education

Soroush Sabbaghan, Associate Professor (Teaching)
Bibek Dahal, Doctoral Student,
Angela Judge-Stasiak, Doctoral student
Beatriz Antonieta Moya, Ph.D. Candidate

Dr. Soroush Sabbaghan, Doctoral students Bibek Dahal and Angela Judge-Stasiak, and Ph.D. candidate Beatriz Antonieta Moya applied for a grant to build the AI4Equity program that simulates real-life Equity Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) scenarios. The tool will be part of education students’ EDI training. The program can be utilized for teaching students from various academic backgrounds, so its impact will go beyond the Werklund School of Education.

Polly L. Knowlton Cockett, Sessional Instructor
Hyacinth Schaeffer, Sessional Instructor

Dr. Knowlton Cockett and Hyacinth Schaeffer used their grant money to organize a workshop that prepared in-service teachers and instructors of pre-service teachers for the new Alberta curriculum. The target audience for the workshop was students enrolled in EDUC460 Elementary Science Specialization, which prepares pre-services teachers for their first practicum placement. The workshop was also open to all Instructors in Werklund who teach Science Education Specializations; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The funds covered the honorarium for a guest speaker and printing workshop materials. 

Schulich School of Engineering

Robyn Mae Paul, Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Jacob Lamb, Assistant Professor (Teaching)

Dr. Paul and Dr. Lamb are hosting a book club for Schulich School of Engineering teaching stream professors. Under their leadership, book club members discuss not so much what to teach, but how to teach engineering students. The award recipients will use their grant to provide 5 book club members with The International Handbook of Engineering Education Research. The remainder of the funds will be used to provide refreshments during book club meetings. This project is a great example of fostering teaching excellence in the Faculty of Engineering. 


The Teaching Academy is a community of institutional-level teaching award recipients at the University of Calgary, who have been recognized for their exemplary contributions to teaching and learning. The Teaching Academy provides opportunities for supporting the development of individual and collective teaching practices on our campus.

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