Vivian Kwan, MSc

Vivian Kwan

Vivian is in her fourth year of the Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology (Neuropsychology specialization) at the University of Calgary. Her research examines pain following traumatic brain injury using arterial spin labelling to measure cerebral blood flow. She also has interests in cross-cultural neuropsychological assessment and digital health technology. 


Integrated Concussion Research Program(ICRP) Graduate Award (Sept 2016 to August 2019) 

Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) (Sept 2016 to August 2018) 

Conference Presentations:

Kwan V, Plourde V, Yeates K, Noel M, & Brooks B (2018 February). Headache long after pediatric concussion: severity and relation to subjective and objective cognitive functioning. Poster presented at the InternationalNeuropsychological Society, Washington, D.C., US.


Kwan V, Bihelek N, Anderson V, Yeates K. (2018). Scoping review of smartphone applications for traumatic brain injury: What is available and what is the evidence? Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

Kwan V, Vo Mai, Noel M, Yeates K. (2018). Pain in children following traumatic brain injury: Is there more than headache? Journal of Neurotrauma.

Chan C, Iverson G, Purtzki J, Wong K, Kwan V, Gagnon I, Silverberg N. (2017). Safety of active rehabilitation for persistent symptoms after pediatric sport-related concussion: A randomized controlled trial. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Academic Achievements:

Clinical Psychology Travel Award (2017)
Alberta Children’s Hospital Travel Award (2017)
Hotchkiss Brain Institute Conference Travel Award (2017)
Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship (2017) 
Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship (2017)

International Research Excellence Award (2018) to collaborate with Dr. Vicki Anderson at the University of Melbourne, The Royal Children’s Hospital from June 15 to July 31 2018. The project is to test a new smartphone application(HeadCheck) to improve the management of children who have sustained a concussion.