Leah Chadwick, MSc

Leah Chadwick

Leah is a first year PhD student in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Calgary. She completed her MSc in Clinical Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Yeates in the BIRCh lab.

Leah’s research interests primarily involve psychosocial factors that influence recovery from mild traumatic brain injury. Her PhD dissertation will investigate the effects of parental and family functioning on children’s recovery from post-concussive symptoms. 


Graduate Student Scholarship from the U of C Psychology Department

Queen Elizabeth II Graduate (Master's) Research Scholarship from the U of C Faculty of Graduate Studies

Conference Presentations:

Chadwick, L., Johnson, C., Evans, A. D., & Price, H. L. (2018, May). Children’s conversations with peers and adults after a transgression event. Poster accepted for presentation at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, (published abstract). 


Ortner, C. N. M., Chadwick, L., & Wilson, A. M. (2018). Think ahead before you regulate: A focus on future consequences predicts adaptive down-regulation of negative emotions. Motivation and Emotion. doi:10.1007/s11031-018-9705-3