Eduardo R. Cobo

Associate Professor

Department of Production Animal Health

PhD - Comparative Pathology

University of California Davis, 2009

MSc - Comparative Pathology

University of California Davis, 2006


University of La Plata, Argentina, 1996

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Office: 403.210.7247

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Cobo Lab


Office : HSC2519


Research Interests

As an NSERC Emerging Research Leader, I have developed a research program to investigate innate immune defenses in infectious diseases. My lab investigates the first line of innate effectors, mostly contributed by small cationic host defense peptides, including cathelicidins and defensins, peptides abundantly secreted by neutrophils and epithelial cells in the intestine, as well as other epithelial surfaces, mammary gland and skin
The main focus of our lab is to discover the underlying biological mechanisms of cathelicidins and defensins which can regulate harmful inflammation and control microbial pathogens. Specific aims are to determine: 1) how host defense peptides promote rapid migration of leukocytes to support pathogen elimination; and 2) whether host defense peptides enhance epithelial integrity. These effects have potential to restore mucosal homeostasis and minimize inflammatory damage due to pathogen persistence. The goal is to advance cathelicidins and defensins (either synthetic derivatives or induction of endogenous production) as natural, efficacious and cost-effective alternatives to current treatments that could reduce use of conventional antibiotics in humans and animals.


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In the Lab

Priyoshi Lahiri
PhD student

Chathurika Rathnayaka
PhD student

Grace Yoon
MS student

Karina Cirone
Lab Manager

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