Understanding Your Search Results and Terminology

How to Read Your Transfer Credit Search Results

From Institution: Refers to the school where you completed the course(s).

Incoming Course Subject: is the subject of the course, and usually abbreviated in letters i.e. CHEM or CH for Chemistry from the school you completed the course.

Incoming Course Number: is the course specific digits usually listed after the subject i.e. “201” in CHEM 201 from the school you completed your course.

UCalgary Course Subject: UCalgary course subject

UCalgary Course Number: UCalgary course number

Course numbers indicate the level of the course:

  • Supplementary study: 100s
  • Junior level: 200s
  • Senior level: 300s and 400s
  • Upper level: 500s
  • Graduate level: 600s and 700s

Transferable: Indicates whether or not transfer credit can be granted for the course indicated.

Completed Between: Indicates the dates within which the course needed to be completed to be awarded transfer credit.

UCalgary Equivalent: UCalgary transfer credit that will be awarded for the searched incoming course. UCalgary Equivalents may include specific or generic credit.

Unit/Credit Value: Units of transfer credit awarded.

Grouped Courses: Courses that are eligible for transfer credit if all courses in the group are complete and presented together. You may see Equivalency 1 and Equivalency 2 for these courses, which show how the course transfers in individually or when grouped with other courses.

Additional Course(s) needed to use this rule: Indicates the other courses that need to be completed at the ‘from institution’ in order to receive the noted UCalgary equivalent.   

No results found/No Rule: This course does not exist in our database. Please see post-secondary transfer credits for further information.

No Credit/Rejected: This course has been assessed and is not eligible for transfer credit at UCalgary.


Detailed Course Outlines: course outlines or course syllabi are required for transfer credit assessments. Course outlines include all the important information about a course such as instructional hours, laboratory/tutorial hours, course text books, content and topics covered, course assessment/grading components, institution and/or department name and contact information. Course descriptions are not accepted. 

Generic Credit (XX): When an incoming course consists of content that does not match any courses currently offered at UCalgary, completion of the course is acknowledged by generic credit. Because specific course numbers are not available, generic course numbers are noted as XX and credits are granted as junior (2XX) or senior (9XX) level. 

Specific Credit: When an incoming course consists of content that closely matches a course currently offered at UCalgary, transfer credit is granted for the matching UCalgary course. In these cases, students receive an exact course subject and number, i.e. ARHI 201 (Art History 201)

Transfer Credit Assessment: The process of having course outlines reviewed to determine whether and how transfer credit might be granted. Assessments are conducted by subject matter experts within the faculty or department offering the course.