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Guiding Principles

Guiding principles form the foundation for an effective and efficient consultation process. The following principles are essential for the University of Calgary and its community stakeholders.

Input received from public consultations will be respectfully considered in the decision-making process.

Consultations will allow reasonable time for participants to prepare and offer input, and for the university to provide feedback to participants and incorporate the results into decisions.

Stakeholders will be appropriately identified, encouraged and given the opportunity to be meaningfully involved.

Efforts will be made to ensure stakeholders are provided with timely and convenient access to information in a relevant and understandable way.

Information and documentation provided to participants will be easily understandable, and objectives of consultations will be made clear.

Roles and responsibilities of the university and participants will be clearly defined and communicated.

The university will be open to the information received; participants will be informed at the start of the process how their input will be considered, documented, responded to, and shared.

The university and stakeholders will endeavor to achieve an effective and efficient process.

The university will endeavor to incorporate teaching, learning, and research opportunities in the consultation process.