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Curriculum Plan

Curriculum plan for MSW Clinical Social Work Practice with a Child Welfare focus.

All students must follow the two-year curriculum plan as outlined.  The elective course noted in the curriculum plan is required for your program.

Any deviations will be permitted only for exceptional reasons and must be approved by the Graduate Program Director.  Approved deviations from the curriculum plan must be in writing.  The written permission must be in the student's file.

Requests to transfer from your chosen specialization to another will not be accepted.

University of Calgary Calendar

The University of Calgary Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar is the final authority on policy, procedures, and deadlines.  The online Calendar is available at:   

MSW with a Child Welfare focus Student Handbook

The student handbook is designed especially to answer new students' questions.  Please click here to view the handbook.

Annual Registration

Each year of the program, no later than the deadline date for the annual registration month (January for all graduate students in the MSW with a Child Welfare focus), each graduate student must register using the Student Centre via MyUofCCompletion of the annual registration is called Registration Initialization.  Graduate students must initialize their registration, even if not taking any courses.  Students who do not initialize their registration by the appropriate deadline date will be withdrawn from the program.

The academic year for students in the MSW with a Child Welfare focus is January 1 to December 31.

See the Registration Initialization Guide for instructions.

Mailing Lists

Students are automatically subscribed to their own program specific electronic mailing list in the first week of the academic year.  You will receive communication targeted to your specific program, or to all students.  The mailing lists are for administrative purposes only, not for personal student use.  Please check your email regularly.

Note:  Upon convocation, your email will be automatically removed from the mailing lists.  Please do not contact the mailing list administrator to have your email removed from the list.

D2L Access

There are two ways to log onto D2L.  The preferred way is to go through MyUofC.

  1. Log on to MyUofC with your eID and password.  Once you are in MyUofC, if the Desire2Learn link is not listed under Quick Links, click on the Academics tab and the link will be listed in the Direct Access column in the far right side of your window.
  2. The second way is to type into your browser's window and log on with your UCIT account username and password or your eID and password.  Both should work.

In D2L, please look or search for your couses.

Instructors may or may not choose to use D2L in support of course instruction.  If instructors choose to use D2L, it is up to the instructor to decide when to make the site available (visible) to students.  Generally, most D2L course sites are made available to students on the first day of classes.

If you log onto D2L and you don't see any courses showing, you may want to go through the following steps before contacting IT Support:

  1. Check your Student Centre in MyUofC to make sure that you are indeed enrolled in the class.
  2. Contact the instructor for more information regarding when the site will be made available to students.
  3. If it's a technical question, your instructor will refer you to IT Support at (403) 220-5555 for further assistance.

Additional D2L resources and video tutorials can be found at


Course Outlines

Winter 2017

  • SOWK657 S06  Clinical Social Work Applications

Spring/Summer 2016

Winter 2016

Fall 2015

  • SOWK651  Policy as Context for Clinical Work/SOWK659  Evidence & Clinical Practice

Spring 2015

  • SOWK679.18  Practice Skills for Leading and Supervising in Human Services Organizations - J. Matheson

Winter 2015

  • SOWK 697 Diversity Oppression & Social Justice - A.M. McLaughlin & B. Bastien


Spring/Summer 2016

  • SOWK679.15 S01 (Edmonton)  Family Violence - No Text
  • SOWK679.15 S03 (Lethbridge)  Family Violence - No Text
  • SOWK696 A/B B03  Advanced Practicum - No Text
  • SOWK699.88 S02  Mental Health and Trauma  *Available at the UofC Bookstore
    Trauma Counselling:  Theories and Interventions by Levers, L.L. New York, NY.  Springer Publishing (2011) ISBN: 9780826106834 
  • SOWK699.91 S05  Trauma and Social Work Practice  *Not available at the UofC Bookstore but can be ordered online through Amazon, Chapters.

    Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence – From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror by J. Herman, New York, New York: Basic Books (2015)  ISBN:  9780465061716


  • What is PTSD?: 3 Steps to Healing Trauma by A. Baranowsky and T. Lauer, Createspace (2012)  ISBN:  9781478286738