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When will this MSW program start and end?
The first course will be scheduled in the Winter term of 2015. The entire program will be completed by the end of the Winter term of 2017.

Can I apply for this program next year instead?
No, this program is a one-time offering and you must apply by December 15, 2014.

How many students will be admitted?
A total of 25 students will be admitted to this MSW cohort.

Who is this opportunity available to?
This program is open to:

  • Child intervention Human Services Worker (HSW) levels 5, 6, and 7 employees and management employees who currently hold a BSW degree.
  • Up to five staff from Delegated First Nation Agencies will also be considered.

The following employees are not eligible to apply:

  • Employees who are not meeting performance expectations.
  • New employees, until completion of the probationary period as per the Master Agreement.
  • Temporary salaried positions until employee completes one full year of continuous service.
  • Wage employees until they complete 1,450 hours.

I don’t have a Bachelor of Social Work; can I still apply to this program?
No, this cohort will only be available to employees with a BSW degree. However, our regular BSW and MSW programs do have a route of admission for students with a four-year baccalaureate degree or equivalent degree from a recognized institution in a discipline other than social work. You may wish to review our regular program offerings by visiting our website at

How do I apply to this one-time program?
Consideration for admission to this MSW cohort is a two phase process and prospective students must fulfill both ministry eligibility requirements and University of Calgary admission requirements. For detailed information about admission requirements and the application process, click here.