COVID-19 Community Support

Our resources are here to support our communities during this unprecedented time.

Together, we'll get through this.

Tips and advice from our experts

Connect to valuable insight and advice from UCalgary experts. These resources can help you manage impacts to your daily life as we all adjust to concepts such as 'social distancing' and 'self-isolation'.

Webinar: COVID-19 Questions and answers

If you missed the webinar, The faces of COVID-19, or want more, join us for a sequel. Our scholars will be back in another live event to address your most pressing questions on the truth about the virus. April 9, 2 p.m. MT

COVIDcast Episode 6: Here for our students 

Coronavirus prevention measures have deeply impacted student life. Susan Barker, vice-provost of student experience, shares what steps the university is taking to make sure student needs are met. View all and subscribe


Webinar: Parenting in a time of physical distancing

Our scholars discuss strategies for promoting parent and child well-being during COVID-19. Get expert tips to recognize stress, manage routines and balance daily activities. 


Webinar: Keeping a grip on fitness

With gyms and parks closed, how do we maintain our physical health? Dr. Patricia Doyle-Baker reviews the key attributes of fitness and how to stay strong while keeping your distance. 

COVIDcast Episode 5: After the curve 

Once the curve is flattened, then what? Hear from immune response expert Dr. Craig Jenne about why we need to develop therapies as well as vaccines, and managing COVID-19 in a post-lockdown world. View all and subscribe.  


Webinar: COVID-19: Anatomy of a pandemic 

The O'Brien Institute explores the spread of COVID-19 in Alberta compared to elsewhere in the world. This is the first public presentation of their research findings, which will inform Calgary's pandemic response.

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Make a difference through mentorship

Contribute your experience and expertise during these difficult times by signing up as a mentor to our student mentees.

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Mia Torres , front centre, and her ICU colleagues

Critical care nurse finds life — and death — in the ICU utterly transformed

Mia Torres takes care of people at their most fragile, and COVID has made her job both tougher and more meaningful than ever

Other resources you may be interested in

Take a look back on previous UCalgary webinars with researchers and experts that focus on topics we can use during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Discover even more resources from Explore UCalgary, and more podcasts and webinars from UCalgary Alumni. 


Webinar: The roots of anxiety

Understanding the causes, risks and treatments for anxiety disorders can help us manage them better. Hear how further understanding could help predict who is at risk and better target treatments for those suffering.


person using a laptop

Webinar: Online privacy in the technocreep age

Our new reality of social distancing is taking us online more than ever to connect with colleagues, friends or family, or consume content to fill the time. Hear how to protect yourself in this online world.

young girl using a laptop

Webinar: Technology and children: Striking a Balance

With schools closed, many kids will use technology to pass the time. Hear how to help your kids use digital tools in a safe, supported environment, and build skills in critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. 


Webinar: Career resilience

Building career resilience helps us successfully navigate the growing uncertainty of the future of work. Hear from a career specialist for the key principles to help you thrive and adapt through change. 

woman on a videocall

Webinar: The power of mentorship

Whether you are looking to get or give advice, learn to cultivate and navigate meaningful mentoring relationships and get the most out of your mentoring experience.  



Webinar: The value of volunteering

Volunteering supports your personal, career and professional development. Hear why volunteering makes a difference and how you can use it to advance your career goals.