Campus Giving program

Every day, our extraordinary faculty and staff energize our campus, our community and beyond. 

Energized by you

The University of Calgary’s tremendous accomplishments are only possible because of the thousands of faculty, staff, emeriti and retirees who dedicate their time, energy and passion to our campus every day.

You play an important role in inspiring our future leaders; in contributing to life-changing research; and in fueling transformational change on our campus, in our community and in the world.

You have helped UCalgary become one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities.

Everything the university has achieved over the last 50 years — and what we will accomplish in the years ahead — is thanks to the continued dedication and support of all those who make up our university community.

Campus Giving program

The Campus Giving program is a new initiative launched as part of Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High to recognize and celebrate our faculty, staff, emeriti and retirees as donors — our Ignitors who spark change. It is also a chance for us to share our pride in serving our community through our respective roles at the university.

Many of you have already supported Energize with some being among the first to contribute to the Energize campaign. And with the recent success of UCalgary’s inaugural Giving Day, hundreds more faculty, staff, emeriti and retirees discovered a way to support what is meaningful to them.  

We celebrate and thank each of you. Together, we are ensuring we will reach our ambitious Eyes High goals and make an impact in our community.

Campus Giving program — from our community, for our community

What is the Campus Giving program?

What is the Campus Giving program?

The Campus Giving program is our way to formally acknowledge, thank and celebrate faculty and staff who support the Energize campaign.

Read the Campus Giving FAQs

Payroll deduction information

Payroll deduction information

Want to learn how to give to the University of Calgary? We've got you covered.

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Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Want to leave a lasting legacy to inspire generations to come? Talk to us about joining our Legacy Society.

Learn more about Legacy Giving

Meet our Ignitors

Our Ignitors come from all walks of life, work in various departments across campus and give for different reasons. Meet members of our campus family and learn why they give back. 

UCalgary's first athletics director gives back

UCalgary's first athletics director gives back

Dennis Kadatz, UCalgary's first athletic director and coach shares why he gives back

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Scholarship recipient pays it forward

Scholarship recipient pays it forward

Zainab Malik shares why she wants to help create a positive change.

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Changing the world one lecture at a time

Changing the world one lecture at a time

Haskayne professor Jaydeep Balakrishnan aims to make an impact on campus

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We are empowering the changemakers

Since April 2011, faculty and staff have given more than $620,000 to support undergraduate and graduate scholarships and bursaries. These awards empower our best and the brightest to devote their energy to generating ideas, solving problems and achieving greatness that can benefit us all.

We can make an impact on our UCalgary graduates — our future doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, leaders and changemakers who one day will shape our community.


early childhood education

Cynthia Prasow is among the more than 1,700 faculty, staff, emeriti and retiree “Ignitors” who philanthropically support the University of Calgary.

Riley Brandt

Championing early childhood education

Cynthia Prasow of the Werklund School of Education wanted to make things easier on students pursuing her shared passion — early childhood education — so she established a scholarship a decade ago. She continues to add to it, most recently topping it up during Giving Day 2017 while inviting friends and family to contribute to it in lieu of birthday presents.

“I told my loved ones that I didn’t need a single thing for my birthday — I just wanted them to instead contribute to this fund to benefit a second-year student who could really shine. Philanthropy has always been part of my family. My parents taught us to give to others, no matter how little we had, and my mother was a consummate volunteer.”

-- Cynthia Prasow, MEd’92, director of student experiences, Werklund School of Education



We are sparking change in our world

From April 27 to 29, 2017, the University of Calgary embarked on something special: our first-ever Giving Day, with the goal of creating 50 scholarships in 50 hours, in celebration of our 50th anniversary.

Ultimately, faculty and staff — 380 of them — joined more than 1,200 alumni and community members to raise more than $1 million to support 170 scholarships for students, including 120 new awards. Thank you to those in our university family who participated in this historic event.

Romeo and Eva De Guia

Jenny De Guia created the Romeo and Eva De Guia Faculty of Arts Scholarship in memory of her parents.

Paying it forward

For Jenny De Guia, making a philanthropic gift to the University of Calgary was, first and foremost, a personally gratifying act — and it also satisfied her desire to express appreciation in her professional life as a senior communications advisor with the Development and Alumni Engagement team.

“Giving Day was an opportunity for me to honour my parents and their commitment to education. I feel that, in a small way, I can contribute to that journey for another student. I also chose to give back as a way to thank all the doctors, nurses and students affiliated with UCalgary who cared for my parents while they battled their respective illnesses. I was amazed by the reach and impact of our university. It was inspiring, and humbling, to see what a difference we make in people’s lives."

—Jenny De Guia, senior donor communications advisor, Development and Alumni Engagement

We are energizing our future

UCalgary faculty and staff are recognized among a unique group of donors who are members of the University of Calgary’s Legacy Society.

A planned-giving initiative, the Legacy Society is a way to celebrate those individuals, including faculty and staff, who envision a future beyond their lifetime by including the university in their estate plans.

Legacy, or planned gifts, make a meaningful and lasting impact that will inspire generations to come. These contributions ignite our campus — and beyond — by creating student awards and bursaries, enhancing our teaching and learning spaces, and supporting innovative, life-changing research.      

Dennis Sumara

The legacy gift that Dennis Sumara, dean of the Werklund School of Education, made with his husband, Tim Friesen, will fund human-rights education research.

Fueling human-rights research

Dennis Sumara, dean of the Werklund School of Education, is turning a lifelong passion into a gift that will make an impact for generations to come.

“As a classroom teacher and, later, a university professor, I worried about students who were made to feel they did not belong, that they did not fit in. For those students, school became an unsafe place. My legacy gift to fund human-rights education research supports my belief that university teacher-education programs play a big role in the development of leaders who learn how to make everyone feel included and valued in our schools and communities.”

Dennis Sumara, dean of the Werklund School of Education