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Introduction to Snowshoeing Lecture

In this evening lecture, we'll cover snowshoeing basics: how to select and fit snowshoes, the best clothing and footwear for winter sport, essential day pack contents, safety concerns and where to go. Prerequisite: none. Includes: instructor.

Guided Snowshoe Day Hikes

Discover new snowshoeing locations in Kananaskis or close to Calgary in a group with an experienced guide. All destinations have been selected to take advantage of the best snow conditions throughout the season, for both beginners and experienced snowshoers. We'll cover safety guidelines, instruction on travel skills in different terrain and interpretive information on the area. Trips are either on Saturday or Sunday. Level 1 and 2 trips meet at 9 am. Level 3 trips meet at 8 am. Prerequisite: none. Includes: guide, snowshoes. Some dates use self-transportation by carpool, while others include van transportation.

Discover Snowshoeing Series

Become a confident snowshoer in 3 weekends. In this series you'll get the Introduction to Snowshoeing lecture, and 3 snowshoe day trips with our experienced guides that progress in difficulty from week-to-week. All trips cover safety guidelines, instruction on travel skills in different terrain, and interpretive information on the area. Trips are either on Saturday or Sunday. Level 1 and 2 trips meet at 9 am. Level 3 trips meet at 8 am. Prerequisite: none. Includes: guide, snowshoes. Choose a series that has carpool or van transportation. 

Easy Does It Fitness Series

Change your lifestyle over 8 weeks with this snowshoeing series that combines outdoor fun with indoor fitness training. This series is ideal for those new to snowshoeing and who have been fairly inactive. Each Wednesday, attend a small group training session at the University led by a certified trainer. Each weekend, enjoy a snowshoeing trip in the mountains led by an experienced guide, progressing in distance and elevation gain each week. Prerequisite: none. Includes: guide, fitness trainer, snowshoes, 8 x 1-hour evening training session, 8 x full-day weekend snowshoe hike.

Advanced Snowshoeing Series

Strong snowshoers want to go farther, faster. This 5-week series will start with Level 3 snowshoe hikes, and increase in difficulty each week. You'll hike longer and farther to destinations not reached on our other trips, learn advanced snowshoe skills and get a great workout. Prerequisite: ability to complete Level 3 snowshoe trips with 350m+ elevation gain. Includes: guide, performance snowshoes.

Avalanche Skills Training 1

Learn to recognize avalanche terrain, understand safe travel practices and be taught companion rescue. AST 1 is essential for skiers, snowshoers, climbers and sledders, and is the first 2 days of 6 when combined with AST 2. It follows Avalanche Canada's curriculum and is taught by certified instructors. Courses start with either a full day or 2 evenings of classroom theory, followed by a field day at Fortress Mountain. Prerequisite: no previous backcountry experience is necessary and you can choose to use snowshoes, backcountry skis or splitboards. Includes: Canadian Avalanche Association certified instructor, AVCAN AST 1 certificate, course materials, use of transceivers, shovels and probes. Book the optional $26 van transportation here.

Outdoor Spring Break Camp

Meet new friends and have loads of fun this school spring break. In this day camp, we'll snowshoe and cross-country ski in Kananaskis. We'll also visit cool Calgary locations, play tons of outdoor games, and go climbing, bouldering and swimming. If the weather is warm we'll hike and build shelters instead of being on snow. Every day is jam-packed with activities. Grades 2-8 camps available. Required: weather-appropriate clothing and indoor footwear. Check equipment list and additional information in the online event details. Includes: instructor, equipment, passes, transportation.

Outdoor Winter Break Camp

Spend 2 days over winter holidays having fun and playing in the snow. Enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in Kananaskis. There is something here for everyone and you'll have great stories and new skills to share when you return to school. If there isn't enough snow to ski and snowshoe we will hike and build shelters. Grades 2-8 camps available. Includes: instructor, equipment, passes, permits, transportation. Required: weather-appropriate clothing and indoor footwear.