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Icetots Parented

With a parent, kids will learn how to balance, fall down and get up, walk forwards and backwards while having fun and playing games. Parents may wear shoes on the ice instead of skates, but they must be clean, indoor shoes. Each child must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


For kids under 6 who can fall down, get up, move around on the ice without assistance.


If your child has passed Kinderskate, he or she will continue to develop their skills with other eager skaters as they learn things like bubbles, skating forwards and backwards with speed, and gliding on one foot with balance.

Kids Skate 1

New skaters or those moving on from Tots Skate will enjoy this introductory lesson. Grouped according to ability, they will learn how to move forwards, backwards, stop and glide with balance.

Kids Skate 2

For Kids Skate 1 graduates, skaters will improve existing skills and learn new ones like t-pushes, bubbles and skating with more speed.

Kids Skate 3

For Kids Skate 2 graduates, Emphasis in this level is backwards skating and stopping. Skaters will also learn how to turn from forwards to backwards and glide on a curve.

Kids Skate 4

For Kids Skate 3 graduates, Kids will learn how to do more advanced skills like crossovers, c-cuts, 3-turns, and edge control.

Kids Skate 5

For Kids Skate 4 graduates, 3-turns and crossovers are the focus, but skaters will also improve their edge control and balance.

Kids Skate 6

This is where skaters will learn backwards crossovers, Mohawk turns, 3-jumps, and where they will improve skills learned in the previous level.

Kids Skate 7

The focus in this level is on edge control, and learning how to connect steps and turns.

Kids Skate 8

This final level has skaters doing tricky skills like shoot the ducks, waltzing turns, and figure eight crossovers.