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Faculty of Arts funding programs

The Faculty of Arts offers limited funding for various faculty sponsored initiatives. These include:

  • Scholarly Activity Grants support activities advancing scholarship. Appropriate activities might include, but are not limited to, convening scholars from different disciplines and/or departments to share research methods or results; organizing and hosting conferences and/or visiting speakers; and advertising or publicizing research activities. Scholarly Activity Grants will be in the range of $250-500.

  • Seed Grants support research activities for upcoming grants. Appropriate activities might include, but are not limited to, pilot studies; travel to archives for preliminary research; graduate research assistance to lay the foundations for the grant application. Seed Grants will not exceed $2500 with a maximum of $1,500 for PI travel (airfare, hotel, rental car, etc)

  • Teaching Activity Grants support course- and curriculum- related activities in undergraduate and graduate teaching, normally for a significant number of students (typically 10 or more). Appropriate activities might include, but are not limited to events (open to more than one discipline or department); visiting speakers; conference presentations; or materials and supplies (e.g. software license fees, memberships). Teaching Activity Grants will not exceed $1000.

  • Travel Grants support faculty members’ presentations at conferences, colloquia, festivals, workshops, and similar forums. Travel Grants will not exceed $1000. (Maximum once every TWO years per faculty member).

 If you have any questions, please contact Dr. George Colpitts or Ginger Rodgers.