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UCalgary study sheds light on arthritis associated with psoriasis New link between psoriasis and depression, and subsequent development of psoriatic arthritis, calls for better mental health assessment
Alberta Innovates funding spotlights graduate and postdoctoral health researchers Impact of space flight on bone density, gut microbiota, and depression among subjects studied by UCalgary award recipients
Gene therapy used to treat Fabry disease — a world first Cumming School's Aneal Khan involved in transplant of altered stem cells to Calgary patient with rare condition
Study reveals effects of workplace rudeness on employee health, sense of belonging Researcher Sandy Hershcovis finds persistent rudeness from powerful people has far-reaching impact
UCalgary researchers awarded NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for high-priority impacts Four UCalgary awards go to research in environmental monitoring, communications technologies and agriculture
New research shows physical activity can improve caregivers' well-being Grad student Colleen Cuthbert's study focuses on benefits to family caregivers of cancer patients
Ancient rock record sheds light on ocean responses to global warming Permian-era sea bed sediment offers insight into mass extinction and marine life recovery
UCalgary petroleum engineer earns prestigious NSERC award for impacts of industry partnership Professor John Chen’s large consortium of researchers and industry partners recognized for improving petroleum reservoir extraction
International research team shines light on mystery of antimatter State-of-the-art ‘refrigerator’ built in Faculty of Science was key to success
Kinesiology undergrad looks into how student-athletes conceptualize health and wellness Bradley Crocker uses Markin studentship to help shed light on mental health and other issues
Molecular 'switch' in protein may stop the process that helps cancer spread Discovery could lead to effective new treatments for patients, researchers say
Graduate Students’ Association introduces new interdisciplinary symposium Opportunity for collaborations amongst UCalgary graduate students; abstract deadline Jan. 29
Researchers identify drug that alleviates opioid withdrawal Existing drug is effective in preventing withdrawal symptoms in opioid-dependent rodents
Medical assistance in dying will not increase health-care costs in Canada Cumming School of Medicine researchers probe the impact of new legislation
Researcher asks: How can we make Calgary streets safer for kids? University partners with City of Calgary to find ways to safeguard children from traffic danger
Best nose in world helps canine researcher sniff out discoveries 'Pinkerton' surprisingly accurate at helping University of Calgary biologist find vanishing primates in China's mountain jungle
Scientists work to halt spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in Alberta wildlife Veterinary Medicine researchers part of $11.6-million grant
Scientists clear key hurdle to building a more powerful, stable rechargeable battery Potential applications for new, solid-state lithium battery technology include electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and grids for storing renewable energy
National survey begins today to gather data on academic journal usage Faculty members encouraged to identify journals essential to their research and teaching to help shape future decisions on journal subscriptions
Prof writes the book on clinical communications for veterinary medicine students Co-author Cindy Adams' new textbook explores the special skills required when the patient can't communicate verbally