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Strategic Research Themes

Submitted by jjmclean on Tue, 08/26/2014 - 12:32pm

The Strategic Research Plan identifies three major priorities that will contribute to the achievement of the Eyes High strategic direction:

  • Match our strengths with opportunities
  • Increase our research capacity
  • Create a dynamic research environment to promote research excellence

Guided by these priorities, we have identified six Research Themes and six Research Platforms that provide a framework for the research activities we will pursue. Each theme demonstrates four key criteria:

  • We are leaders in the area, as demonstrated by a local critical mass of expertise, and we have attained national or international prominence
  • We are an essential hub in provincial, national, or global research networks for the area
  • We have built strong industrial or community partnerships in the area
  • Our research benefits from collaborative engagement with our Research Platforms

Research activities in the themes will be driven by current societal needs, engage our communities, and create opportunities for international prominence.