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Who we are and what we do!


The Eco Club is a group of environmentally concerned students working hard to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us. We promote peaceful education and consistent advocacy of reducing our community's negative impact on the earth.



The purpose of the Eco Club is to reduce the University of Calgary's negative impact on the Environment, and to encourage sustainable behaviours within the University. We work to educate students, faculty members and Calgarians regarding humanity'seffects upon their environment, human effortsto curb these effects, and modern civilization's first steps towards cultivating a sustainable culture.


President- Alex 
VP Finance – Dave
VP Records – Emily
VP Collaboration – Matt
VP Media – Tom
VP Events – Jason
VP Public Relations – Scott
VP Internal – Maggie
VP Events – Tara
VP Awesome- Connor
VP Advertising – Sulty
VP Communications – Jaclyn
Geoff – interested in shark conservation