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The 14th Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference will be a forum that brings together an international interdisciplinary group involving physicists, engineers, mathematicians, chemists, biologists, and neuroscientists focused on various aspects of experimental Chaos and Complexity. This meeting will focus on experimental approaches at the intersection of physics, engineering, neuroscience, chemistry, and biology.

A list of topics includes:Autonomous systems and robotics, Computational and collective intelligence, Earth sciences including climate changes, Energy, Fluid dynamics & turbulence, Information processing and communications, Optics and lasers, Behavioral and cognitive sciences, Data assimilation and applications such as finance, crime, Electronic circuits, Experimental complex networks, Geophysics and space sciences, Neurosciences and system biology and Quantum and wave chaos, Bose-Einstein condensates. Other fields within the general scope of the conference are welcome.

Online Registration is now open : REGISTER HERE