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Simulation OSCEs

Simulation OSCEs

Each learner will act as a team leader once. Other members fill in the role of airway, meds, and CPR/defib. Every 2 minutes, the meds and CPR/defib person will swap roles. The facilitator will act as the recorder. Direct prompting and coaching will be offered as needed. The goal is to have minimal to zero prompting/coaching as learners advance through the 4 simulation OSCEs. Items on the checklists which required prompting will serve as a foundation of feedback during debriefs.

Prior to the ITCB session, learners may feel free to familiarize themselves with the simulation OSCE checklists. Alternatively, they may wish to experience the simulations fresh, as a "surprise". Learners, select an option that works best for your learning style and preference.

"I actually really liked the 'low-tech' sims. We were able to practice our timing and exactly the steps of the situation, without worrying about dealing with things like monitors, directing other staff (beyond those involved), etc. I thought it was a really great experience." - Learner, 2016

Rhythm Strips

Facilitators can either use these rhythm strips in their simulations, search up alternative rhythm strips online, or use a portable simulator (e.g. iPad app).


- February 23, 2017: Sign-ups for facilitators now open. Please see for details.

- June 7, 2016: All resources are up-to-date and ready for review now!

- April 6, 2016: This year's ITCB will be Thurs June 23 (13:30, 15:30), Mon June 27 (10:30), and Thurs June 30 (13:30). If you are a resident or staff interested in being a facilitator, please email Stay tuned for more details.

- June 15, 2015: The ITCB materials for the 2015 Intro To Clinical Practice course is up and ready! Please visit the Learner and Facilitator tabs for more information pertinent to your role. Start by reading the "Learner Manual" or "Facilitator Manual". Please fill out your surveys located on the Surveys tab prior to coming to your session.

- April 4, 2015: ITCB has been accepted into UCalgary's "Intro To Clinical Practice" course. The 2015 ITCB workshop will be held on Thursday June 25 @ 1330-1530 and 1530-1730 (Groups “C” and “B” respectively), Monday June 29 @ 1030-1230 (Group “D”), and Thursday July 2 @ 1330-1530 (Group “A”). Please email if you are interested in being a facilitator (particularly if you are a resident)!

- November 21, 2014: Preliminary results compiled and shared with UME. Will decide to hold off on piloting another session until next Intro to Clinical Practice in 2015, so that we can evaluate the program and enhance it. Results hopefully to be presented at a symposium soon.

- June 24, 2014: All sign-ups are completely full at this time. Remember to fill out your pre-program surveys under the "Surveys" tab! See you soon!

- June 2, 2014: Found more manikins! Therefore, I can accommodate a few more facilitators now. Feel free to sign up!

- May 21, 2014: Facilitator sign-ups full! All further sign-ups will be placed on wait list.

- May 17, 2014: Four UAlberta medical students pilot ITCB in Calgary. Fun and successful!

- May 16-18, 2014: Facilitator invitations sent out to resident groups.

- May 14, 2014: Learner sign-ups full! All further sign-ups will be placed on wait list.

- May 13, 2014: Official invitation sent to Narwhals (Class of 2016)

- May 11, 2014: Registration for Learners and Facilitators now open!