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Welcome Intro To Code Blue (ITCB)


ITCB was piloted in 2014 and has officially been implemented into the UCalgary "Intro To Clinical Practice" course as of 2015. The premise of ITCB is to have medical residents (or interested medical staff) introduce medical students to how to manage code blues and suggest initial management plans for acute care cases. In a 2-hour workshop for UCalgary medical students, ITCB consists of a didactic lecture, followed by 4 simulation OSCEs (acute coronary syndrome, anaphylaxis, tension pneumothorax, and upper GI bleed cases that deteriorate to a "code blue").

The ITCB experience utilizes the strategy of repetition and blends the educational flavours of "Resident-As-Teacher", "flipped classroom", and "flipped examination" designs to help learners develop knowledge and skills. Prior to the session, learners are asked to fill out a pre-program survey that allows them to assess their baseline knowledge that functions as a personal needs assessment, to identify knowledge gaps and stimulate curiosity in the material. Once the survey is completed, learners are invited to review the self-preparation materials available online (lecture slides and simulation OSCE checklists). During the live ITCB workshop component, a resident (or staff) helps the learners consolidate knowledge through a traditional lecture and discussion. Thereafter, each learner is required to lead a simulation OSCE, where facilitators use omissions from the simulation OSCE checklists as a foundation of targeted feedback. There is as-needed prompting and coaching during the simulation OSCEs so that learners develop comfort towards primary and secondary assessment approaches. A unique feature to these simulations is that all orders will be conducted by writing it down on a "sticky note", which is then applied onto the manikin to confirm the order; this encourages commitment and offers a visual and kinesthetic method of learning. Finally, learners complete a post-program quiz to retrieve the learned material one more time. This educational design is purposeful and strategic to help maximize repetition and consolidation of the material, learner safety and participation, and fun. The learning experience is succinct, practical, and hands-on. Low-fidelity simulation (rather than high-fidelity simulation) was selected as an educational modality to focus on process and content, free from potential distractions.

Thank you to all the learners and facilitators for participating in the ITCB EXPERIENCE! Have a great time, and let's learn together!

- Anthony Seto (ITCB Creator)

Volunteer to be a Content Reviewer

Be a part of the ITCB medical education initiative! In this hybrid Emergency Medicine / Medical Education volunteer opportunity, you'll get to ensure the ITCB content is accurate, up-to-date, practical, and simple! You are invited to review the literature on the topic of your choice and update the summary document, which will inform changes to the PowerPoint slides and presenter notes. Click here for volunteer 2017 information (task completion deadline June 5th).


- Cardiac Arrest Content Reviewer (Volunteer: Dana Stewart)

- Acute Coronary Syndrome Content Reviewer (Volunteer: ___)

- Anaphylaxis Content Reviewer (Volunteer: Sean Crooks)

- Tension PTX Content Reviewer (Volunteer: ___)

- UGIB Content Reviewer (Volunteer: ___)

Volunteer to be a Simulation OSCE Reviewer

Be a part of the ITCB medical education initiative! In this hybrid Emergency Medicine / Medical Education volunteer opportunity, you'll get to ensure the ITCB OSCEs are useful, practical, realistic, and evaluable! You are invited to review and provide edits to the simulation OSCEs. Click here for volunteer 2017 information (task completion deadline June 5th).

- Simulation OSCE Reviewer (Volunteer: ___)

- Simulation OSCE Reviewer (Volunteer: ___)

- Simulation OSCE Reviewer (Volunteer: ___)



- February 23, 2017: Sign-ups for facilitators now open. Please see for details.

- June 7, 2016: All resources are up-to-date and ready for review now!

- April 6, 2016: This year's ITCB will be Thurs June 23 (13:30, 15:30), Mon June 27 (10:30), and Thurs June 30 (13:30). If you are a resident or staff interested in being a facilitator, please email Stay tuned for more details.

- June 15, 2015: The ITCB materials for the 2015 Intro To Clinical Practice course is up and ready! Please visit the Learner and Facilitator tabs for more information pertinent to your role. Start by reading the "Learner Manual" or "Facilitator Manual". Please fill out your surveys located on the Surveys tab prior to coming to your session.

- April 4, 2015: ITCB has been accepted into UCalgary's "Intro To Clinical Practice" course. The 2015 ITCB workshop will be held on Thursday June 25 @ 1330-1530 and 1530-1730 (Groups “C” and “B” respectively), Monday June 29 @ 1030-1230 (Group “D”), and Thursday July 2 @ 1330-1530 (Group “A”). Please email if you are interested in being a facilitator (particularly if you are a resident)!

- November 21, 2014: Preliminary results compiled and shared with UME. Will decide to hold off on piloting another session until next Intro to Clinical Practice in 2015, so that we can evaluate the program and enhance it. Results hopefully to be presented at a symposium soon.

- June 24, 2014: All sign-ups are completely full at this time. Remember to fill out your pre-program surveys under the "Surveys" tab! See you soon!

- June 2, 2014: Found more manikins! Therefore, I can accommodate a few more facilitators now. Feel free to sign up!

- May 21, 2014: Facilitator sign-ups full! All further sign-ups will be placed on wait list.

- May 17, 2014: Four UAlberta medical students pilot ITCB in Calgary. Fun and successful!

- May 16-18, 2014: Facilitator invitations sent out to resident groups.

- May 14, 2014: Learner sign-ups full! All further sign-ups will be placed on wait list.

- May 13, 2014: Official invitation sent to Narwhals (Class of 2016)

- May 11, 2014: Registration for Learners and Facilitators now open!