Tiya Dagumisasriy

Tiya Dagumisasriy: the Indigenous Student Success and Engagement Program (pronounced Tee-ah Koo-mah-suss-tih; formerly known as ISSERT) encompasses a holistic approach to academic success, empowerment and self-development by providing academic and cultural guidance to Indigenous students within the University of Calgary.

Using a holistic cultural relational model, the Tiya Dagumisasriy (pronounced Tee-ah Koo-mah-suss-tih) program offers academic support services, cultural and holistic workshops and leadership training in order to enhance the student experience and promote student academic achievement.

Tiya Dagumisasriy provides supports like:

  • Indigenous Leadership Training
  • Success and engagement workshops
  • Cultural ceremonies
  • Undergraduate academic advising and assessments
  • Welcome Back BBQ, winter term Kick-off event and The End is Near celebration
  • PALS Pet Therapy
  • Trauma-informed Indigenous mental health by appointment
  • Student Success Seminars
  • Intercultural capacity building opportunities for non-Indigenous students
  • Field trips and special events
  • Connections for students to Traditional Knowledge Keepers and language speakers

Contact Info

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The Tiya Dagumisasriy Program is grateful to be funded through support from the Students’ Union Quality Money and the UCalgary Mental Health Strategy.