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Scientists discover breakthrough toward treatment of Fragile X syndrome – the leading genetic cause of autism

UCalgary researchers discover a way to replace a missing protein in the brain affecting hyperactivity

UCalgary research team develops hand-held device for speedy COVID-19 self-testing

Project chosen for federal funding; biosensor test is still months away from full production

Research shows new drug helps to preserve brain cells for a time after stroke

University of Calgary-led international study shows promising results for neuroprotection by combining endovascular therapy with nerinetide

Vitamin D: How much is too much of a good thing?

UCalgary researchers find taking high doses of vitamin D may result in a decrease in bone density

UCalgary study finds a common vitamin may help our immune system battle a deadly brain tumour

Researchers document dramatic results by combining chemotherapy and niacin – Vitamin B3

Two UCalgary students become Rhodes Scholars

Manpreet Deol and Emily Boucher the 17th and 18th scholars to date for university

Cats’ faces reveal their hidden pain

New Feline Grimace Scale will help better treat cats with pain medication

MacKimmie Tower – UCalgary’s first net-zero carbon building – opens its doors

MacKimmie Tower and Swann Mall reopening revitalize the heart of main campus

UCalgary ranked in Top 10 nationally by Maclean’s

University ranks third for operating budget and student-to-faculty ratio

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